I’ve known my friend Cindy Below for a good chunk o’ time. I remember when she used to lament about wanting to write. There were stories to share and things that wanted out, but she had no idea how.

It’s not easy to just pick up a pen or hit the keys on the computer.  There are many ways to express oneself through writing and the choices can be overwhelming.

A couple of years ago, she decided to take guitar lessons. She met her teacher Lucas Madrazo, a talented musician, singer, and producer. He was instrumental in her falling in love with the art of writing lyrics.

I titled this post deliberately because Cindy, like me is a woman of a certain age. She didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dream of writing.  And the best bit?  She and Lucas have put those songs out for all to enjoy in a collaborative album of six songs.

Cindy and Lucas Vol. 1 Album Cover

You can listen on Spotify or YouTube.

She’s not stopping anytime soon and I’m so incredibly proud.  It’s a privilege to watch and witness someone shine!  She keeps me inspired to keep writing.

I hope you enjoy the album.  I’d love to hear what you think and I’ll pass them on to Cindy.

Sending you Hogs, Fishes, and Warm Wishes,

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