Helloooo!  Welcome to The Lair of The Black Swamp Gourdess, the portal to worlds where Gourdish Oddities and Curiosities live.  I am Tracy, The Black Swamp Gourdess at your service.  You have landed here because of your love for the wyrd, peculiar, and uncommon. This magical lair is located in an undisclosed location within the Flatlands of NW Ohio.   And now, to continue forward on the tour, I ask that you suspend your disbelief and engage your sense of wonder, possibility, and imagination.

Ready?  Great!  Let’s begin!

You are standing in what I lovingly call The Foyer.  You can always click once on that button labeled as such (no matter where you find yourself within The Lair) and you’ll be vooshed via secret passageway right back here.




Behind this Purple Door is where you get to peek at the Gourdess behind the curtain.  This is where you can see the creative process in action and whatever happens to be on my mind.  This is not a place for the faint of heart.





Ah, this Swirling Vortex is where our traveling occurs.  Entering here, you can visit the wondrous lands and spaces and places where Gourdish Beings live. I have your Interdimensional Time and Space Travel Vouchers stamped and approved so you can visit without fear of getting thrown into a purgatory.


Photo by martin sach from freeimages.com



Let me show you what’s behind this orange door! It’s a Museum of Past Curiosities.  These are creatures and beings that came over to live with some very fine human beings.






Need to talk to me or have a burning question? I have a Gourdophone right here where you can leave me a message.







Now, come follow me to the Living Room.  Here’s a soft comfy couch to sit on while I tell you a little more about myself.