Winter Season

This is how the Creative Beastie, the Muses (Tripletts who look like Betty White), and I play.  I, noticing the change of light outside and a sudden onset of snow flurries, squeal in delight.  They tickle the idea of a poem.  One would think it ends there.  No, because then the idea of a short

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November 28, 2023

A silly little poem inspired by noticing the light outside had changed. Even if you don’t enjoy what the Winter Season brings, I hope this made your day a bit brighter. Now you know that snowflakes make this juicy crone squeak.  And, I’m not one whit ashamed about it! Hogs, Fishes & Warm Wishes,

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The COVID Blues

The Hubs brought COVID home in 2021. Back then, the whole house had to isolate for ten days. The Bun and I managed to avoid the pesky virus. Guess who brought it home, again? We figured it was just a head cold. Ha! After testing positive, The Bun and I tried to avoid him. It

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