Hello!  Welcome to my wee corner of the Interwebs or as I like to call it, my virtual Lair.

I love to tell a tall tale, cartoon & create dolls from hard shell gourds.  For the time being there is nothing for sale.  I decided to close the business side of things down in 2018.  I had to take a break & figure out a few things. I’m still figuring them out.  Of course, 2020 had to come along & put a COVID Cootie wrench into everything.

For now, I’m letting the Muses guide me by the nose.  The path is a twisty one with dolls sparking stories that infused a dream with a conversation that is now yet another story to tell & a visit back to the root of my creative hootenanny, cartooning.

Consider this space a peek into my boring life. Do I have something big and profound to say?  I don’t know.  Maybe, if you squint hard enough.  I’ve been told I have a way with words & a way of looking at things & quirky humor. If you need a break from stuffs, then come on in & hopefully you’ll find a bit of a reprieve.  What I do know for certain is that a creative outlet is cheaper than therapy, fills me up, and makes me laugh.  I think irreverent, cheeky, playful, side-eye humor is the bee’s knees.(1)  One more thing, I love adding footnotes, so there is that fun surprise to look forward to.  See above footnote as example A.

I created a section called Black Lives Matter where you’ll find information, history, and links to educate ourselves (meaning, us who are on the paler side of humanities color palette (aka white people)) so we can become better allies to BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color).  We are 400 plus years overdue in dismantling the racist system we live in. 



Behind this Purple Door is where you get to peek at the Gourdess/Lunch Lady behind the curtain.  This is where you can see the creative process in action and whatever happens to be on my mind.  This is not a place for the faint of heart.  You’ve been warned.