Tracy Swartz Figurative Gourd Art

Tracy Swartz

Hi there and welcome to my virtual Lair!

I create figurative sculptures and art dolls using my favorite medium, dried hard shell gourds. Gourds are just the starting point. I use everything but the kitchen sink when making art. I upcycle, recycle and use whatever the piece calls for to bring her to life.

And there’s more….  (no they won’t slice, dice or make Julienne fries…)

Each gourd has a story to tell or message to share. These are captured in a small hand-crafted booklet that’s included with each piece.  

They are full of wisdom.  They surprise me with their messages and stories. They are touchstones.  Beings who come forth to remind me and you of:

Who we are.

Who we are becoming.

The things that make us different and stand out is exactly what makes us perfectly us.

You’ll find current pieces under the tab “Art For Sale”. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, I can do a custom piece. Click on the “Custom Design” tab for more information.

Ready to go? Grab a cuppa of whatever floats your boat and enjoy meandering through the website.

And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thanks for popping by & enjoy your day!

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