Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Pretty bare bones decorating around here, I know. Welcome to my online Lair. I’m Tracy, the purveyor of Gourdish Oddities and Curiosities. Here, let me clear a spot for you. I’ll just move the Gourdlings over here.  Watch out for that gel medium! Oh look, you’ve got mulberry paper stuck to your shoe. Okay, here we go. Sit right there. Got something to sip on? Good.

What are Gourdish Oddities and Curiosities?

Let me ask you a question. Do you like the wyrd, peculiar and unusual?  Then you will love these fierce, odd, and saucy people who happen to show up via hard shell gourds. They are wild, untamed, mystical and magical. They like to stir up the bone marrow.  They like interdimensional travel.   They relish interdimensional travel having happened upon such a willing partner to help them get here.

Prior to this point, I was totally focused on Figurative Art.  The muses (triplets who look just like Betty White) are introducing me to some new and old forms of the Gourdish Ones.  They are busting (more like throwing) me out of the comfort zone.

There’s no For Sale page because I’m making the necessary travel arrangements for them to enter our realm. Let me tell you, some of these beings do not pack lightly.  And dealing with Interdimensional Customs?  Holy Gourddamn, what a pain.

Gourdish Oddities & Curiosities will be available in 2019.  My intent is that they will amaze, delight and stir your bones most deliciously.  Besides, they can’t possibly all stay in The Lair.  It’s not like a TARDIS* and gets cramped in here.

There you have it!  Want to keep up with what’s happening behind the scenes? Be a bat on the Lair’s wall?  You can do that by signing up for The Gourdelysium Scrolls here.  You can always pop over to FBLand or InstagramVille too.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. It’s been nice catching up with you!

*a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) that looks like a blue police box used by Dr. Who.  I, in all seriousness, could use one of these.