Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Pretty bare bones decorating around here, I know. Welcome to my online Lair. I’m Tracy, the purveyor of the She Who Ladies.

Let me clear a spot for you. I’ll just move these gourds over here.  Watch out for that gel medium! Oh look, you’ve got mulberry paper stuck to your shoe. Okay, here we go. Sit right there. Got something to sip on? Good.

Who are the She Who Ladies?

They are fierce, odd, and saucy beings conjured from my imagination or are they? They are a journey into parts of myself that I want to express more of like: more loving, more sassiness, more howling, more flying, more nurturing, more dreaming.

They are the parts I like to pretend don’t exist. The parts that stir deep in the bones’ marrow. The parts that easily access other worlds. The parts that know things. The parts that are too much to some yet coveted by others when she comes out. The parts that imagine severe consequences and lack of safety net means she should be kept under lock and key when in truth, the world needs those parts to shine.

The She Who ladies are here, waiting to share their knowledge, wisdom, and sass. Imagine having a closet full of magic coats that you can put on whenever you need it. Embodying your inner She Who Lady causes a shift, changes, moving, and grooving.

Tripping with The She Who Ladies is not always roses, cupcakes, and unicorn fun times. It stretches you.  Seasoned explorers know that sauntering into uncharted places and spaces can be mighty uncomfortable. Discovering where your magic lives is well worth it.  The enormity of this project is thrilling, challenging, and bigger than anything I’ve previously dreamed up.

Here’s the plan for 2018 and beyond:

Set up a Patreon account.  This would be for my fellow wayfarers into She Who Land who would like to help fund and support the trip.  Your help would allow me to:

Create the She Who Ladies. They don’t pack lightly. Have you seen their luggage? Some of them like to travel with companions.

Show you the world they live in via pictures

Give you a set of keys to The Lair.  I don’t let just anyone saunter in my super secret hidey-hole of the creative hootenanny. This gives you access to pictures not posted on the socials, my creative process, and inside conversations with the She Who. I’m considering making video content too. Oh GAWD.  I typed that out loud.  I really must stop that.

Offer a printable pdf of the She Who Ladies’ poems and bonus poetry I’ve written.  I love writing poems in the Japanese styles of Haiku and Tanka.

Let you choose the next She Who Lady to visit. I pick three names and you choose which one comes next.

Holy Cannoli you are still here! Thank you for making it to the end. I want to send a ginormous thank you to those who encourage, share, make purchases and allow me to be a part of your life in some small way. I value and treasure you guys more than you know. Thank you.