Hello and welcome!

Soul Heart Dolls are handcrafted from hard shell gourds and contain some pretty potent magic sauce.  They are:


They love to sit on altars, fireplace mantels, desks, or even in the boudoir.  They are there whenever or wherever you need a playful muse to help you feel your soul’s smile.

You can either adopt a Soul Heart Doll or have one custom made for you.

The dolls like to hang out in The Doll Den while waiting for their new home. Please pull up a chair, settle on in, and make yourself comfy while visiting.

Custom made dolls are perfect for those you want a *made just for you because you’re special* gift. Please click HERE to find out more.

“Take the obvious,
add a cupful of brains,
a generous pinch of imagination,
a bucketful of courage and daring,
stir well and bring to a boil.”
~ Bernard Mannes Baruch