Hello and welcome!

Soul Heart Dolls are fun whimsical dolls handcrafted from hard shell gourds.  They are:

soulheartdescriptionThey love to sit on altars, fireplace mantels, or desks.  These playful muses are known to induce smiles and evoke warm fuzzies.  D0 you know what a *warm fuzzy* is?  It’s the feeling you get when your soul’s smile radiates through your heart.

There are two options to purchase your very own original Soul Heart Doll, adoption or by custom design.

The dolls waiting for adoption like to hang out in The Doll Den.   Please pull up a chair, settle on in, and make yourself comfy while visiting.

Custom made dolls are perfect for those you want a *made just for you because you’re special* gift.  Clicking HERE will give you more information.

And remember the recipe for creativity is simple.  All one has to do is:

“Take the obvious,
add a cupful of brains,
a generous pinch of imagination,
a bucketful of courage and daring,
stir well and bring to a boil.”
~ Bernard Mannes Baruch