Zombie Toe

If you read the post titled A Peek Inside A Creative Meeting, then you are aware of Claude’s, err, penchant for collecting big toes.  Just because they’re helpful Daemons doesn’t mean they haven’t lost any Deamonish hooeyishness.

This put me on a mission to figure out how to create a big toe.  Wouldn’t ya know it, someone on YouTube shared how to go about making such a thing.  You’ve gotta love the Interwebs.

Lucky for me, there were plenty of big toes hanging out at the Swartz Haus.  The toe pickins’ were a’ plenty according to Claude.

The first to undergo the experiment was my son’s girlfriend.  Basically, you paint thin layers of Elmer’s glue on the toe. The instructions suggested three to four.  I went for more than that.  Once all the layers are on and each layer allowed to dry, you can carefully peel it up and over the toe.

After that, you have a toe! Isn’t that amazing?

Well, it was until after much fussing and touching, it broke. I had to once again go on the hunt for a big toe volunteer.

This time, I asked Bunnola (one of my kids), if I could borrow a big toe for a bit.  I layered the HELL outta this one.  That was one cold toe!  I mean that literally. It took forever to dry.  In fact, Bunnola had to attend an online college class while it dried.

Success! Look at that beautiful big toe! I could feel Claude panting with anticipation.

This time, I stuffed it a bit differently so it wouldn’t crack and break.  Once that was done, I added a quick coat of brown paint. OMGAWD!  Look at the detail!  Claude was seriously drooling at this point.

After a few more coats of paint, WALA, rotten zombie toe!  I know.  I know.  It’s gross, but I find it hilarious.

Claude is over the moon happy with their big toe. Claude! Stop it! Just stop! Please do not hug and snuggle your toe. Gross. Daemons are so wyrd.

I’ll share the scroll with the Daemon Manifesto tomorrow or Monday.  Then, it’s high time I get to work on the heart (which will be made from a gourd shard), the luggage, and a small spellbook with the Daemon’s Heart poem.

Act safe, be safe, stay safe, and most importantly, be kind to one another.

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