Woolgathers for 2.5.21

No school today due to the weather!  Woot! Woot!
(was I supposed to cheer for that? Outloud?)

I miss writing Haiku & its cousin Tanka poetry.  Tanka is taking the Haiku & adding on two more lines of 7 syllables.  One could go crazy (ask me how I know) & string several Tanka poems together into a really really long poem.

The one I wrote this morning is not that.  I’m getting my feet back into into the poetry stream (the water is fine) so I didn’t want to over-tax my already taxed brain matter.

Without further ado or hooey here is a Tanka poem for today’s weather.

roaring winds advance
the snowflake army onward
rolling and blowing
into untraversable
swelling rivers of white drifts
©2021 Tracy Swartz

Enjoy your day!

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