Woolgathers for 2.22.21

The First Invasion
It was just another day for Bob, one of many cells living in the Left Upper Arm Quadrant. Little did Bob know that his day was about to go all sorts of wrong.

Bob heard on the local news that the Skin Force Field receives extra cleanings. A new layer of protection is in place over the Mouth & Nose zones. It’s a newfangled barrier that would keep the Body Cosmos free from evil invaders. There was a nasty one called Covid allegedly rampaging through other Body Cosmos. Bob, an ordinary cell didn’t think much about all the hoopla. They had dealt with other invaders and he was sure The Brain was making it all up. One never knew if The Brain was reliable. For all Bob knew, it could be a bunch of fake news used as an excuse to pour excess epinephrine into the Body Cosmos. Bob should have been a bit more concerned.

The alarm sounded, causing Bob to dump his coffee. An invader! What? How? Bob ran outside standing with his fellow cells looking up at a large mysterious point in the sky. Strange beings poured from the point; oily, ugly, and nasty-looking. The intruder alarm was deafening. Bob tried to run, but one of the oily things landed on his head.

“Get it off! GET IT OFF!” Bob yelled. No one was listening because his fellow cells were having the same problem.

BNT162b2, one of thousand clones invading the Left Upper Arm Quadrant eagerly attached itself to Bob & began to fuse to his cell wall.

Bob screamed as BNT162b2 completed its mission, downloading the viral code before dying. Bob felt ill. He lumbered back to his house. Bob didn’t feel like himself. He floated over to the bathroom mirror and screamed, horrified by the reflection. Bob had transformed into an unrecognizable cell with strange spikes sticking out of his former pristine wall. He gurgled as he broke apart into a pile of spike-laden debris.

As soon as the alarm went off, the local Antigen-Presenting Cells took action. They swooped in, grabbing and gulping leftover spikes from the dead cells. The Helper T Cells, part of the Immune Squad were right on the Antigen’s heels radioing the B Cell Brigade for assistance.

The B Cells, the badasses of the Immune Squad quickly arrived, began to multiply and release The Antibodies. The Antibodies moved out, silent and deadly, docking onto the spikes, marking them for death and at the same time preventing them from attaching to other cells.

The Antigens had to eradicate all the remaining infected cells. They called in the Killer T Cells. These highly trained stone-cold assasins hunted infected cells, attached to them, and killed them with a bone-chilling efficacy.

The invasion within the Upper Left Arm Quadrant caused reverberations throughout the Body Cosmos. Two great explosions from the Bowel Burrough were reported. The entire Skin Force field had a difficult time regulating its ambient temperature causing overpopulation of goose pimples. A general malaise fogged over the entire cosmos. The city of Stomach over-regulated fuel sources, preferring flavored gelatin or crackers. This eased some of the distress that Digestionville was experiencing but they still bellowed for more fuel than gelatin or crackers provided.

A few days after the invasion, the Upper Left Quadrant was once again a peaceful place. Killer T Cells and Antibodies patrolled the entire Body Cosmos on the watch for any traces of BNT162b2 still hiding. Intel from the invaders went to the Memory T Cells and Memory B Cells, which have an elaborate record-keeping system of all Body Cosmos invasions.

It was just another day for Sally, one of many cells living in the Left Upper Arm Quadrant. Little did Sally know that her day was about to go all sorts of wrong…

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