What’s Coming Next

Hullo!  Oh my! Where do I start?

I had to make a decision.  Do I offer dolls for sale or do I make them for my own pleasure and amusement?  This consisted of an unglamorous pros and cons list.  It also required that I take a look (again) at what brings me the most joy and happy.  What makes me giddy and laugh out loud with delight?

Let me back up a bit first.  These creatures, beasties, and beings live in wondrous worlds that I want to share with you.  I love creating stories and worlds and looking at things through that strange lense of my imagination.  My creative hootenanny takes many many forms and needs an outlet or I will literally explode.  In fact, when I don’t give myself this outlet, it tends to ooze over into the day job much to the amusement and head-shaking of my fellow Ladies of Lunch.  That’s partially why I’ve been quarantined to the Room of Snacks.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  The oozing part is all true.

I am re-working the website so instead of your beige run-of-the-mill thing, you enter my Lair which is a magical portal to the worlds where Gourdish Oddities and Curiosities live.  I’ll handle all the Interdimensional Time and Space travel paperwork for you.  Let me tell you, the paperwork required is a doozy.

Of course when building anything, one needs a solid foundation.  Through a series of Universe inspired and muse led serendipitous bread crumbs I arrived to how it looks and how to go forward.  Or in layman’s terms, how does one pull this off, make it coherent and sustainable. I won’t bore you with the blueprints and breadcrumbs.

My goal is by late Fall of 2020, you’ll land here and have the ability to be matched up with a Daemon Gourd that is perfect for you.  You can enter their world (It’s an Island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle) for a visit.  You’ll hobnob with few Daemons like Prot and Claude pictured below to get a feel for their personalities and then… Here’s the exciting bit. We’ll put an ad in the Daemon Gazette for the perfect Daemon Gourd to come live with you.  Your ad would read something like this:

Kind human being looking for Long haired blue bodied pantaloon wearing curly horned Daemon to share in adventures on the earth realm.  Saucy attitude and into collecting large hairy toes a plus.*

Prot & Claude. Claude’s feeling a bit nekked without wings. Soon Claude. Soon.

*IRL (in real life) this means you’ll fill out a form telling me what sort of Daemon you’d like.  Ie. hair color, eye color, facial expression, pantaloons or skirt, etc.

Between now and then, the muses, my Interdimensional Time & Space Travel Agent, and other assorted helpers and I will be building the foundation (the website) to make this a thing.  I’m interviewing a couple more Daemon Gourd who will assist in coordinating the necessary travel arrangments and match-making process.

The idea is, once Daemon Gourds are successfully launched, you can meet even more Gourdish folk like Hags, Witches, Goblins, or whoever else gives me a call wanting in on this gig.

Phew. I’m a sweaty mess.  I need to put away the hardhat and construction orange clothes so I can get ready to enter The Land of Lunch.  I hope your day is full of delightful sweet things!

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  1. Donna Burkart says:

    I LOVE witches and their magic powers….could I be matched up with a witch or two

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