Under the Table & On the Floor

I had a meeting with the Muses, the Gourdlings & Daemons. It involved me crawling on the floor & under a table.  There’s something invigorating about being on the floor in the midst of a creative meeting.  It brings out the wonder & makes me feel quite like a kid again.  

Dealing with a twinge in a back muscle then getting up from the floor does bring one right back to reality. It was worth it, being on the floor that is.

Pictured below is the result of that meeting. To the untrained eye, it looks like a pile of gourds & gourd parts.

I see Olive, a baby Daemon, a Daemon egg, a basket for Claude’s button collection, a duffle-like bag, & the makings for Daemon hearts. Yes indeed, a successful meeting for sure.

What?  I didn’t mention Daemon babies before?  *smirks*  The idea was floated my way yesterday afternoon.  I believe it’s Claude’s & Olive’s first spawn & there are whispers about a newly laid egg.  Who knew Daemons laid eggs? 

It’s never a dull moment in The Lair.

Stay safe, be safe & be kind to one another.

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