This Week in The Lair 2.20.22

Hello!  How are you? How has the week been?

It’s been screwier than the normal screwiness that ensues around here.

I wrote more of  The Devil and His Daemons story.  I’m over 13,000 words!  Thousands more words to go yet.  I’m shooting for 70,000 and up.  I can’t state this enough, I LOVE THE RESEARCH part of it.  This week I dabbled in the history of Chutes and Ladders and quantum supposition.  I feel for two of my Sisters-In-Lunch who are on the brunt (or blunt) end of the explosion of ideas that hit while we’re at work.  They tell me that the way my brain works is fascinating.  I’m not sure if it’s that or they like witnessing the wild things my neurons link together.  My head was on fire this week and I swore it made my forehead glow.

There is progress on the unicorn.  I apologize for the picture.  My phone doesn’t take the best pictures and the regular camera is misbehaving.  On Monday I plan to work on the legs and the horn.  I must dig through the eyelash stash, ’cause EYELASHES make everything fabulous.

You can’t tell that it’s covered in black sparkle paint in the picture. BLACK SPARKLE PAINT – I’m swooning!

The weather! Like OMGAWWD. We had highs in the upper 50’s, loads of rain, and with a swoosh, it dropped to below freezing. Then it changed from rain to freezing rain, to sleet, and finally snow.  That meant a day off on Friday from The Land of Lunch. Gotta love a J.O.B. that gives you snow days.

On Thursday, before the freezing swoosh, I saw this in the farm field:

Six Mallard ducks were swimming.  I have a few questions.  This time of year, Mallard ducks are just not seen. Canadian Geese, sure, they are all over the place – ducks, not so much.  Who are these rogue ducks? What ne’er do well business are they conducking?  This picture reminds me of the sort you see of the Lockness Monster. Maybe they’re Lockness ducks?

A well-plumped for the winter season squirrel came inside the fence by the back door.  It was digging in the dirt looking for any stray birdseed that may have been leftover (there wasn’t).  The doggo girls were beside themselves.  Their squirrely senses were tingling and the biped refused to let them outside.

This morning a coyote was nosing around the clump of trees out in the back farm field.  A few hours later, there was a group of four deer hanging out in the same spot.  Lots of wildlife hanging out this week.

Let’s see, what else…

In the Land of Lunch, a student’s brain and tongue couldn’t make the connection to say chocolate chip cookie.  They asked for a brown cookie instead.  I have two shades of brown which prompted me to ask if they wanted the dark brown cookies (chocolate) or the light brown with freckles cookie (chocolate chip).  You can guess my new name for chocolate chip cookies.  No one is playing along.  And, no one believes in the new trend called, color-coordinated snacks. One student’s snacks are (eight times out of ten) color coordinated. Of course, they don’t do it on purpose.  I pointed it out and now I’m trying to suggest students color coordinate their snackages.  No one is playing along with this one either.

I was able to read a free version of this article about Stevie Nicks.  It made my mad respect for the woman go up to incalculable levels.  You can find it here:

This made me laugh because it hits far too close to home.  And, do they? Someone let me know the answer.

Thanks for visiting!  I leave you with this because it’s a thing and I’m having one right now.

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2 Responses to This Week in The Lair 2.20.22

  1. Serena Lewis says:

    HI Daisy Doggo!

    It sounds like your novel is coming along nicely.

    The unicorn is looking even more lovely!

    I hope the ducks will be okay. Good for you not letting the dogs outside. In that sort of weather, the poor squirrels have to grab what they can to see them through.

    Funny meme!
    Oh, I like the term ‘Art Attack’…I get those too. My problem is that I get creative ideas for sketching but don’t note them down right away and then I go and forget them. lol

    The comments were turned off on the Previous post so thought I’d add my comment here —

    OMG! I love the way your creative mind works!

    The unicorn is lookin’ good!

    OH NO, the other kitties passed away? So sad.

    The cat pics are sweet! Kya isn’t a snuggly type of cat either but she does like to lie right beside me on my art desk, usually on top of what I’m trying to work on. And she does sleep on my bed every night.

    Such a pretty view!

    And that’s all from me…. 🙂

    • tracy says:

      SERENA! Good to see you! Thanks for letting me know the comments were off on the other post. It’s the one button I forget to check off.
      Thank you so much for coming over to say hi! Sending you lots of love & big hugs!

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