They’re Here!

Daemon:  The guardian or spirit for a place or person

I’m excited to introduce you to the Daemon Gourds!

The first one, the proto-type played coy.  Wouldn’t tell me exactly what it was or where we were going and why it wanted all these ridiculous additions.  I had to put on the silly pants, throw off the bra and allow the over-the-top wackadoo to come forth without trying to squash or squish it.   Let me tell you, it was hard.  It was tempting.  I said, Damn it, Karen! We are not doing THAT old song and dance again.  Hard No.


Because the world tells us we can’t be that.   Oh yeah?  Just watch me be ALL that and shake a stick at it.  You go on and clutch your pearls if you must.  I’m gonna do me and you go right ahead and do you. Let’s see the real you, Karen.

Daemon Gourds are here to put a glitch in the societal matrix.

They are a guardian for your YOUNESS.  The real you.  The big, silly, over-the-top, crazy, paradoxical juxtaposition of opposites, and the wondrously complex human being that you are.  Forgot who you are?  Trying to fit in like a pair of too-small Spanx?  Someone telling you that you’re too much and should be more like this or that? Or my favorite one, you should dye your hair.  Gray hair makes you look so old.  You should act your age. Ha! Just look at a Daemon Gourd. They don’t care.  They know they’re ugly and cute and wackadoo.  They are damn proud of it. They embrace their wyrd, peculiarity, and uncommonness.  And they will guard and keep that space for you until you can embrace it and are ready to show the world who you are.

Daemon Gourds show up in an array of colors.  They are an inclusive sort of folk.  You’ll find the LBGTQIA+ colors represented (Rainbow, Trans, Pansexual, Bisexual, Agender, Asexual & Non-Binary), along with Black Lives Matter & the Me Too colors.  Daemon Gourds abhor conformity, sameness, beige, bland, etc. They are all about love, inclusiveness & diversity.

Each Daemon arrives with a wee hand-made book.  The pages inside are created with upcycled maps because this book symbolizes a way back to your YOUNESS.  What’s inside the book?  Nope.  Not telling.  Some things should be delightful surprises.  Each doll is personally blessed for and to you.  Contrary to popular opinion, THESE Daemons are not allergic to blessings.  Also, each Daemon Gourd Doll arrives with a small iron date nail in a hand-made pouch.  Why?  Iron is often used and/or carried for protection.  These date nails have been blessed to protect you against anyone or anything that tries to derail you from showing up in the world in all your brilliant, uncommon, peculiar wyrdness.  It’s a way to stay connected to your Daemon Gourd while you’re out in the world doing your thing.

One last thing.  A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of a Daemon Gourd will be used to help the Penta Pantry.  This is a pantry set up & donated to by fellow staff members at Penta Career Center (where I work in The Land of Lunch) to assist students who need food and hygiene items.  It’s yet another way to make a difference in a student’s life.