Black cat laying in front of window with one paw on the window screen

JimJim, with his paw on the window, is pining to be outdoors. I feel you, buddy. I’d love to cuddle up with a book and a cat. Books two through four of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series need reading in additon to the rest of Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series. Instead, I’m on a giant learning curve as I build this new business.

Learning curves are not easy going. I question my sanity because getting a regular JOB would be easier. The physicality of said JOB is a reality I have to face. For those new to my world, I am a hair net rocking lunch lady. It’s a part-time gig and increasingly physically demanding. I considered that when weighing the pros and cons of starting another home-based business. 

I’m diving into SEO and utilizing the Yoast SEO Plugin (free version). I didn’t use SEO or research keywords when I sold art. Did you know it’s an art form to write something with keywords without sounding like a schmalzy infomercial selling cat tush covers. The learning curve is worth it because you want your business, product, art, and writing found on the Googles.

Here are a few more things I’ve learned along the way:

A Morning Ritual

A morning ritual lays the foundation of your day. I used to loath a ritual like elephants hate irons. Rituals are an essential part of my day now. I can’t imagine not having one. My morning ritual includes walking, writing poetry, and chanting.

Set a Schedule

A scheduled time to work on my business keeps the focus on building and growing it. I’m less likely to become side-tracked from the glare of the dust bunny hoard or the dishes wanting a bath. I work smarter with a schedule.

Play with Blocks

Have you tried time blocking? It sounds like something from Dr. Who or a new magical device Dr. Strange uses in the Marvelverse, right? Using this method helps me focus on the task at hand. Each item on the to-do list has a set time to complete. Time blocks help to eliminate overwhelm and keep me focused. Have you heard the question of how one eats an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. I don’t condone eating real elephants. However, metaphoric elephants are totally on the menu.

Take Breaks

A quick walk outside (weather permitting or not) helps clear the head. I check the garden and give the veg a pep talk. It’s fun to rile up the dogs to the point they zoom around the yard like furry torpedos. Some breaks are standing with nekkid feet on the green grass while the sun warms your skin in a hug. The point is to reset into the present moment. That’s where the real magic and work take place. Nope, it doesn’t always look hot and sexy.

Remember your Why

If you don’t have one, I recommend you figure that out. Keep your why handy so you revisit it when needed. Your why is the motivating factor that keeps you sticking to whatever you’re trying to accomplish. For example, I’ve changed my eating habits and added exercise to my day. Why? I want to feel better in my body and be healthy as I age. I call it my Sexy Senior goals.

Learning curves are worth the difficulty and work. They make for healthy brains. We’ve got to keep that gray matter plump, juicy, and firm, just how zombies like them. Or so I’ve heard.

PS. I scored a green smiley face on both SEO and Readability according to Yoast SEO for this post.

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