The Daemoness’ Perch

Hullo, mes petits pois doux!

How are you this fine Wednesday?  A quick note about footnotes.  They’re in here. They’re hard to spot.  You can access them on both desktops, mobile devices & touchscreens.  Yeah! Simply click or touch the footnote number, and it will pop up.

We are in for another hot & humid day here in the Flatlands of NW Ohio.  Luckily, there is a cold front coming through. The temps & humidity will be dropping to more comfortable levels for the rest of the week.  And, it’s rumored that next week there might be 70-degree sorts of temperatures. No more Swoobs!1It becomes a damned if you do & damned if you don’t sort of thing with the to wear or not to wear a bra.  This is more so for those of us with excess breast meat.

Yesterday, The Bun & I began our workout routine with a walking work-out. Did you know Amazon Prime has walking work-outs? We found a decent one, cleared the living room & proceeded to confuse the dogs & ourselves with our bumbling about.  The Bun was getting a good laugh listening to me talk back to the TV & complaining about my butt muscles.  Today the plan is to do some yoga.  We’re alternating days this week & will do both every day next week. I was surprised at how relaxed I felt physically & mentally afterward.

This morning, The Daemoness (aka Mocha, Second of the Tortish Pants Clan, Second Queen of Tortitude) was once again on top of the pole.  This pole was part of the original fence that went around the front & side of the house before we expanded it.  We’ve kept it there because it makes a great spot to hang flowers & windchimes. And now obviously it’s a good perch for Daemoness’ to plot, scheme & devise wicked feline hooeyishness upon their Hooman subjects.

I fully expected halo wearing bats playing trumpets to appear.

A perspective shot.

This has been my morning so far.  I’m planning on playing in The Lair today.  I have a birthday pressie to finish up, a lonely devil drawing to finish, gourdish things to get into & the next chapter of The Unabridged Story of Daemons to write.

Stay safe, wash your hands, don’t people too much & wear your mask!

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