The Back Story

Well, well, well.  Yet again, a few hot and a half minutes have passed since I last posted.

Here are my excuses:

1. Writing The Unabridged Story of Daemons

2. Updating the Black Lives Matter page

3. Pulling weeds literally, internally & virtually from various gardens.

4. Adjusting, shifting, morphing, sitting still-ing, adapting, learning, studying, being, & any other “ings” you can think of along those lines.

The Daemons have decided to tell me their back story.  How they got here and where they come from and where they now live.  I was informed this morning by the muses that this leads into another story that takes us to the year 2020.  I should have seen this coming.  I did not because I was blinded by the ridiculousness of the back story.

I will warn you that I have unleashed & let my creative beastie free on this one.  That means these are the things I had to ask:

What is God & the Devil’s relationship really like?
I wonder what it would be like if they were in a meeting?  Do they have meetings?
What’s an angel’s standard regulation uniform?
Do halos come in different colors?
If Daemons aren’t ticklish, what happens if you tickle them?
What would happen if Daemons visited Heaven?
Does God have a marketing team?
What in nature makes the best analogy for an etiolated elbow?

The biggest question of them all, how does one add a character named Lord Dampnut to the mix because you just can’t NOT add them.

Here’s how my creativity works.  All the information I’ve ever ingested (that’s a lot of years of ingested material through books, Youtube, TV, movies, real-life situations, conversations, pictures, blogs, posts, real-life things that riff off an idea, etc.) gets mish-mashed together in a large cauldron (a fun euphemism for my brain). When the timer goes off, it gets spewed out like yesterday’s stew.  Credit to Bunnola (the youngest of my spawn) for “yesterday’s stew”.  Good one Honey!  You get your mom which is kinda scary.

Sure. Sure.  I could have come up with a better analogy.  This certainly isn’t lady-like, clean, & kinda gross when you think about it.  However, it’s the reality of it.  My humor and writing and creative adventure with Daemons have all been influenced by this cauldron of mish-mash (in my head it looks like a heap o’ lumpy oatmeal goodness).

I’ve tried to tidy it up, polish it off, make it meaningful, helpful, and spiritual.  Nope.  I guess that’s just not my jam, my bag, my thing, my cup-o tea.

Is it a distraction?  Is it entertaining? Well, it makes me & my mom laugh out loud, but she might be a bit biased about the whole thing.  I am her favorite daughter (and the only daughter if you don’t count Grace the cat who I’m sure is her new favorite daughter because she’s a cat & cats are cute ‘n fuzzy & purr. I generally don’t purr & don’t fit well on laps, but I digress as usual).

Then I have to muse, do I have to create something that has some giant cosmic meaning or says something huge & profound?  Is being silly & taking your views about some things that you find sorta funny & poking at them with a stick such a bad thing?  Is including things that society likes to frown (or grimace or groan) upon & making them as normal as apple pie in this world you’re creating a bad idea?  Or do I really have something to say, if you squint hard enough?  Maybe that’s it.  All I know for sure is that it’s fun & it’s my coping mechanism & so much cheaper than a therapist.

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