Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m a charming concoction of logic and creativity. I’m also a space maker. It creates space for people, whether that’s a safe space to show up as you are or space in your world. I use a combination of Yankee Ingenuity and following my nose (or gut) to guide me. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. The state boasts Live Free or Die as its motto. I love that motto. I have lived in the Flatlands of NW Ohio for thirty-plus years. The statement I run into most often is that I must miss the mountains and hills of New England. Yes and no. I live between farm fields. I can watch the rain (or snow or sleet) moving across the fields until the first drops are felt on the skin. The gorgeous sunsets and sunrises fill one’s cup with Mother Nature’s brilliance. I see deer, raccoons, groundhogs, minks, geese, ducks, blue herons, cranes, red-tailed hawks, and coyotes. I’m blessed to hear the music of birds’ songs daily. The first time I visited the house I live in, I knew it was home. This land (once part of the Great Black Swamp) sang to me as no other place or space had before.

As an artist, (did I mention that? No? I’ll have more around that added to the website in the future, so stay tuned.) I often did not have the materials needed to create a thing according to the directions. Let’s use the example of fairy wings. I figured out that upcycled tea bags worked perfectly. It’s not exactly re-inventing the wheel. It is taking what you already have, and seeing it in a new light to create something new and beautiful. That mindset allows me to organize and see things in ways that are otherwise missed.

My brain loves research, learning, and leaning into new things. It’s akin to undertaking an adventure. I don’t know where it will lead and there is always a new understanding and perspective gained from the journey.

I’m an introverted extrovert. Most don’t believe that when they meet me, but it’s true. I like helping people. I like making people feel good and I like it when they see what I see within them. And, you may have noticed, I have a quirky sense of humor. I enjoy making people laugh.

More fun facts:
I’m writing a novel & wrote two children’s books.
I draw cartoons and make art from hard shell gourds.
I’m a Mom to two young adults. (how did that time fly by?)
I am married to the peanut butter to my jelly.
I believe bee bottoms covered in pollen are cuter than bees’ knees.
I am the biped servant to two felines and two canines:
  King JimJim, the North American Wild Wubba Cat, First of His Name of House Black
  Daemoness Queen Mocha Polka Pants, Double Stuffed Tort, First of Her Name of House Tort
  Penny Racer (aka PenPen, Penny Poo, Drooly Girl, Your Dog, that Red Tick Coonhound)
  Daisy Racer (aka Sausage Girl, Daisy Gurl, Daisy Do, Ms. Daisy, Black & White Thang)
I am Nanny #1 to our newest addition of furry ones:
  Princess Tortianna, Spicy Tortilla Bean, Kitten Mitten, of House Tort
My favorite color is deep dark purple. Toss in a swoosh of orange and I will swoon.
I am an unabashed fan of ’80s/’90s/the naughts and up club music.
I love to visit Hamburger Mary’s for dinner and a drag show.
I love mind-bendy outside-of-the-box people.
I will have a VW minibus one day.  I WILL!
I can inhale ice cream at an unholy speed without nary a brain freeze. It’s a curse & blessing.
I love shoes that are wearable works of art. I can’t wear them but I love them!