I’m so glad I stumbled across Tracy, she’s like an angel. I needed a tech assistant to take stock of my online business and trouble shoot. She is a fantastic communicator which helps me keep track of multiple projects. She helps me organize my thoughts and tasks and this has opened up space in my business life to make progress with my endless ‘to-do’ list. She has a lovely sense of humor and I feel blessed to work with her. – Fiona Moore, fionamoore.com

The best I can describe Tracy’s work as a web designer is phenomenal.  If a grade was given for web design and ideas is A+. When we heard and saw that Tracy had created a webpage for herself Tom and I asked her if she could help me figure out how to make one for us and our kennel.  

We needed help because we have very little understanding of how to do this.  Everything she has done has been above and beyond showing us and helping us.  Tracy’s creativity is wonderful. 

Tracy was able to build and teach me how to do so much from the beginning.  She taught me how to add and change things and arrange things.  She is great at troubleshooting any problem we have.   More recently, when the web host decided not to continue being a host, Tracy jumped in and solved the problem and got us going again almost immediately.

She gave me a folder with step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on how to do things that our site required.  We had changes weekly with pictures and Tracy was on the ball and got it done. 

If you need a site set up from the beginning or just changes or additions to your webpage you will not regret hiring Tracy.  She is so creative and has wonderful ideas.   She is OUTSTANDING.   You do not know how much we appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you, Tracy. Brenda S. – BT Griffs