Sunday Sunday How I Love That Day

Daisy Doggo says, “Hello!”  And, I say hello!

Quick update (with cat pictures later)…

I’m still writing.  The crazy bit is how much my job at the Land of Lunch is influencing the world of the story.   I’ll give you an example.

I was filling a container with ice from the ice machine.  When you open the door, there’s a frozen mass of cubes coming down from the top.  It reminded me of an upside-down mountain.  It takes one tiny thought like that for the neurons to leap into action and make connections.  Then we’re off and gazing into a level of Hell (there are thirteen, Dante was wrong) where the mountain is upside down, made of ice cubes and damned souls have to navigate the shifting terrain as it eternally drains. The Devil has it set on a random timer.  The mountain (a sentient being in its own right) grows tired of its ice cube kids sticking to it. When that happens, there’s an avalanche of ice cubes upon the unsuspecting souls.  I’m at work mind you when this neuron dance kicks in.  I have to find a piece of paper and write it down, tuck it in my pocket, and hopefully don’t throw it away. OMG! Pockets!  That set the neural net on fire again. Interdimensional Lunch Ladies have magical pockets that are bigger on the inside than their outsides.  Does anyone else’s brain do this?  Where’s that cleaning lady?  My brain needs another scrubbing.

I gessoed the unicorn!

This will give the paint something toothy to stick to.  I had too much fun picking out paints for the galaxy scene that goes on the front.  I’m going to practice on a scrap piece of gourd first.  What? Practice first?  Where is the normal let’s dive in there and just doooo eeet Tracy? For this project, she’s taking a back seat.

And, as promised here are the cat pictures!  Out of the original 6 pack Kitty Committee, there are two members left.  One kitteh moved in with my son.  The others passed away.

JimJim (14) is such a handsome boy!
He’s annoyed at the biped for taking another picture.

And here is Mocha Polka Pants (3).  I am the low of the lowest on the biped list. I’m good for cleaning the toilet, food, fud treatsies, and play.  Forget the lovings or the snuggles unless I’m sitting on the toilet.  It’s no use asking why. She’s a tortie and I’ll take brief snuggles when I can get them.

There is a new and improved sign-up on the right-hand side of the screen if you’d like to receive blog posts in your email.  You know, delivery from the Mail Minions who zip through the ones and zeroes of the Interwebs space?  Delivery is set up so you get the whole post, not just a snippet.  There’s no click here to read more nonsense.  The last plug-in allowed 41 bad spammy emails to sign up. I was all excited for a hot minute until I realized what happened.  Then I had to check each email and delete it accordingly.   Sigh.

OMG! STICKERS!  I’m working my way through a course on how to create stickers. The inside of my to-do journal has been getting doodled and the idea of stickers to play with too?  Holy mind blow!

And, lastly the view from The Lair.  That’s frozen standing water in the farm field.  The Black Swamp has her ways of making sure we don’t forget she is still very much alive.

I leave you with this thought.

“To create, one must first question everything.”
~ Eileen Gray, Architect and Designer

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