Spring Vacation 3.27.22

It’s spring vacation time at the Land of Lunch and I’m living for it!

I love to-do lists.  They help with the overwhelm when there are lots of things to do.  I can break them down into manageable bits.  I don’t feel fixed or static with them. It’s easy enough to move things to another day when needed.  They help me create space in the day for the things that are important.

I have a confession.  I binged watched season 2 of Bridgerton.  It’s my guilty (no longer secret) pleasure.

The trees in the Flatlands are beginning to bud!  There’s been teases of warmer weather to come and then BAM.  We’re back to cold and having to run the furnace. I’m eager to open up the house and let the wind take care of the dusting.

The Lair feels so different after a re-arrange.  I took down a couple of tables.  I have tubs to organize the shelves better.  The desk now faces the backyard and the farm field beyond that.  All that’s missing is a disco ball.

I’m still working on the book!

The M for May, J for June, and a J for July led to a new A for April.  A new can of creative worms has cracked open.

And that led to making a little thing for a co-worker…

I made a color chart of the markers because the color of the lid doesn’t quite match the color I want on the paper.  That was frustrating.  I’d pull a color thinking it would look a certain way and nope.  It wasn’t.  This is so much better!

I made the color chart on special marker paper.  I have yet to use it for a drawing.  It’s too precious!  It is expensive!  I’ll get over it.

Penny, “Draw me like one of your French poodles.”

There is the real possibility that as I drop more weight, my boobs and butt will be in closer proximity to one another like they could be neighbors and have coffee.

This made me laugh.  I can relate.

I LOVE this!

There’s turkey broth cooking on the stove. The kitchen smells marvelous. This will be cooked, cooled, the fat removed, and then I’ll use the pressure canner to put it up for later use.

Seeds are planted! This year, when they’ve grown into baby plants, they’ll be fed Fish Poo Stew. It’s water from The Hubs’ fish tank. I water the other houseplants with it and they love it. We still wonder why we didn’t think of using it sooner.

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.
~Doug Larson~

Hogs & Fishes!

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