Spring In The Air 3.19.22

The sun, before disappearing, took up the sky in a glorious orb of orange redness.  In other words, it was HUGE and beautiful and made me pause for a minute to catch my breath.  It was gorgeous.

I heard that Daylight Savings may become a permanent thing.  We tried this in 1974 and it only lasted a year.  I hope it lasts longer this time around, at least until I’m nothing but dust and someone’s long-ago memory.

Holy CRAP, I love alcohol markers!  Now that I’ve set aside getting gourdy with it, I like to draw while sitting in the living room at night.  I forgot how relaxing and addicting it can be.  I don’t want to stop.  Before I know it, 10 PM has rolled around which means that the 4:30 AM alarm is going to go off far too quickly.

This brings me to the love of weekends where there is no 4:30 AM alarm and time for naps.  I love a good nap.

This is what I came up with to make a sticker for my to-do journal.  In my world, April showers bring May monsters in the shape of flowers.  The next step is to digitize the color, create a border and turn it into a sticker.  A hot minute, not cold nor luke-warm has passed since my last photo manipulation schooling from The Bun.  And, I took crappy notes.

One of my Sisters-In-Lunch thought I brought in a voodoo doll when I was showing some of them the dark unicorn.  Bless her heart, she will say things before thinking.  She is the sweetest help you if she can type of person.  One has to take what she says with a grain of salt, sometimes it calls for a whole shaker full.  Thankfully, I was reminded of that by a much kinder than I sister-in-lunch.  Later, she apologized in her unique way. That led to this conversation.

Me:  “I don’t bring my voodoo dolls to work.  I keep them at home.”
Her:  “Do you have one of me?”
Me:  “I do now!”

We had a good laugh and unnecessary snark and bad feelings were avoided.  I call that a win in The Land of Lunch.  There should be a reality show called, “The Real Lunch Ladies of NW Ohio.” I’m glad to be the Governor of Snacks.  It’s only me, the refrigerators, the freezer, and the snacks to contend with.  Although, one refrigerator likes to get chatty, and then I can’t hear what the student says.  But when I do…

Three male students approached the snack room counter.

Student 1:  She’s really hot….
Me:  Did you just say, “She’s really hot?”
Student 1: Uhm, yeah.
Me:  Really!  You shouldn’t talk about your lunch lady that way.  It’s embarrassing!

He turned red and sputtered while the remaining two laughed and teased him.

I offer these services and no one has taken me up on it.

Free removal of the annoying chocolate chips from the chocolate chip cookies
Free removal of that pesky fudge filling in the chocolate cookies
Free shake, stir, or drop-kick delivery of carbonated beverages

We all know that March 17th is traditionally known as St. Patrick’s Day.  It is also St. Gertrude’s Day.  Who is St. Gertrude?  She is the patron saint for cats and gardeners.  I’m not of Irish descent, don’t care for green beer, and can take it or leave it on a jiggs dinner.  I do adore cats and am a gardener so I’m all for St. Gertrude’s day becoming a thing.

There are bits of bright green peeking through on the sides of the ditch. More birds are out and about. The vultures are here. And, the seagulls have arrived in the grocery store parking lot screeching, gliding, and demanding food.  The signs of spring in NW Ohio.

I cherish my girlfriends.  They make me laugh.  They help me be a better person. Hey! I just realized they are quite the enablers when it comes to my hooeyishness. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without them.  On that note I leave you with this:

Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face. ~ unknown

Hogs & Fishes,


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