Ponders & Woolgathers for 2.4.21

It’s been a hot minute!  I’ve been over on FB a skosh more.  It is still a time-sucking monster.

I’m having a difficult time getting my get-up-and-go to get-up-and-go.   Partially because I have a lot of projects going on & way too much creative juice coursing through the noggin & pandemic exhaustion.

It doesn’t help when one is re-organizing their creative projects binder only to discover a couple of Haiku.  Sigh.  I love writing Haiku.  I miss writing Haiku.

Haiku 1 from July 5, 2017
Sun’s golden head rises
to a chorus of bird song
dressing leaves in light

Haiku 2 from July 5, 2017
Slipping off old skin
a new you, tender & raw
is uncomfortable

Then there was the blurb I wrote about The Black Swamp.  The Black Swamp covered a goodly portion of the northwestern section of Ohio.

She had more to say as this wouldn’t leave me be.  The result was the following poem.  I’m gonna say it.  I LOVE this.  It gives me goosebumps when I read it.  I hope you enjoy it too!

The Great Black Swamp
The ice blanket
to my birth
to my reign

I am mud & water
I dress in dark
deciduous swamp

Nurturing the wild & fierce
they, in turn, nurtured me
only the brave dared to enter
only the wise could hear my secrets

I am Black Swamp

You carved ditches into my skin
dressed me in farm fields
housing developments
tarred me in roads
highways & byways

Did you believe that
would tame
one such as me?

I am Black Swamp

My power thrums
when drenching rains
form pools, ponds & lakes
drowning your crops
within wandering clay knolls
disrupting smooth yards
buckling basements
& shifting walls

I am Black Swamp

Breathing, living
in wild places & spaces
crawling between
the cracks & fissures
of your limited thinking
that you & I
are not one

Oh, misguided beast

You can hear me
in birdsong
in rustling trees
in howls of coyote
when you stop & listen

You can feel me
with bared feet
on my dew-damped skin,
in the sting of mosquito
& the wild winds
when you stop to feel

You can see me in my
fierce quiet
a goddess breathing softly
as she seems to sleep
when you stop & open your eyes

I am here
I am Black Swamp

I will not submit
to your reign
of subservience
I can not be tamed
stamped from existence

I live
I breathe
I whisper
& call
to the beasts who remember
I am Black Swamp

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