Ponders & Woolgathers for 1.9.21

This is my 100th post!

Today is the first day without coffee.  I’m waiting for the tea to steep.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

So far, I’ve been on track with writing down what I’m eating & how much I’m eating.  Call me crazy, it’s made a difference in how I feel. This is where my brain goes because I took a gander at myself nekkid in the mirror.

Brain:  I wonder if that will be all baggy & saggy when you’re done.
Me: WTAF?!  I haven’t had any caffeine yet!
Brain:  Look!  Even the scar from your gall bladder surgery is sagging.  Let’s look…
Me:  Let’s not.

That got me to thinking about how to… well, there’s no other way to put it…. contain the sag.  Spanx might work.  That could get real hot & real sweaty real quick.  I’d have to find full-body deodorant.  OR.  Now here’s an idea!  I’m going there.  You’ve been warned.

I could get piercings so that the saggy skin would become a pouch.  I wouldn’t have to carry a purse!  Although, reaching into my pants & under my shirt to pull out my wallet would be problematic in public.   Hmmm.  I have plenty of time to figure this out.

Last night I dreamed about serving some sort of cheesy dish.  I kept finding strands of my hair in it while serving it to others & on my own plate.  There’s more.  I saw the offending hair.  The person to who I served the plate did not. So, I removed it surreptitiously with my gloved finger.  My plate, I picked it out with my bare finger.  I was curious about how the Interwebs would interpret the meaning.  Geezus, it’s all over the place!  Here are Tracy’s interpretations:

I need to brush my hair more
You can’t hide in your cheesiness
Hairnets are the future of fashion
You need more protein in your diet
You don’t need more protein in your diet
Surprises left in cheese are not welcomed
It’s hard to be sneaky when you leave the evidence in the cheese sauce

Please feel free to add your interpretation!  The sillier the better, naturally.

I forgot to share this tidbit from The Land of Lunch.  The sun finally came out for a quick peek.  Here’s how the convo went:

SIL:  LOOK!  It’s the sun!  It came out!

Me:  Of course it did!  I’m standing right here.

SIL:  That’s right.  It rises on this side of you & sets on the other side.

Me:  No.  It rises this way *motions from my front upwards to my head* & sets *motions down my back to my butt*  this way.  And, then *I slap my butt* the moon comes out.

I read that Trump’s social media accounts have been banned.  Parler was taken down.  Google Play won’t list their app & Apple gave them 24 hours to make some changes or it’s off their platform.

I’ll be breathing easier when January 21st rolls around.  My shock & awe is about shocked & awed out.

The “real” sun is supposed to show its face today.  Considering there is no pretty snow on the ground to look at (it’s WINTER!  THERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE SNOW! *stamps foot*), I’ll take it.

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