Ponders & Woolgathers for 1.14.21

Pineapple Pesto Chicken wraps are the bomb!

I watched & listened to the Trump impeachment hearing. There is no way I could ever be a politician. I don’t know how these people do it. I found it interesting & I’m glad they impeached him. Your actions & words should have consequences. Ours do & the President of the United States double so.

Baby Fish! In the large tank, there are tiny baby fish swimming around. They still have to be aware of the larger fish so as not to be eaten. In the other tank, the two angelfish laid eggs & they’ve hatched. Each time one of the little babies floats up, one of the angels will grab it & put it back with the group. It’s really fascinating to watch. The Hubs did a video where you can see them squirming around. This is a photo he took. All those black spots are wee bebe feesh eyes.

Highly unusual cat pairing upon my lap. Dandelion (on the left) doesn’t like to share the lap & will usually sit next to me. Cookie was being his usual squishy self. She didn’t appreciate having the picture taken.
Cookie has that look that says:
I don’t always sit on the servant’s lap
but when I do…
there’s no room for another cat.

I’m desperately trying to tap into my humor today.  Where are you?  I NEED you!  The crunchy pants are attempting a coup!  They want to see just how far they can send me down into the dark dark hole of Crankyland.  Humor is like kryptonite to crunchy pants.  So is having his Dark Prince JimJim jump on the desk, placing his fuzzy body in your face while trying to type.  Add in burying your face in that purring fuzziness & the crunchiness just melts away.  Aaaaaaaah.

More editing to do on the story. The totally unsexy part of writing.

I have to re-load the wood boxes today.

I was told the Department of Snow was on vacation in 2020 & to try again in 2021. Just so you know, I’ve put in a petition for a good 6″ to a foot of snow. If the Flatlands of NW Ohio becomes a winter wonderland, you know who to blame & you’re welcome.

I’ll be the one outside doing this:

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