Playing Around

Guess who received their wings?  Claude!

I took a photography class in high school and boy did I love it.  This is back in the darkroom days just to date myself.  I’m still fascinated with photography.  This led to a discussion with the Triplet Muses and the Daemon Gourds who decided I will now do photoshoots to capture their essence.  How do I let them talk me into these things?

Let me set this up for ya.  It’s a balmy 30-ish degrees (Fahrenheit) outside.  The ground is covered in frost and partial re-frozen snowmelt.  I’m wearing shorts and a coat.  My house is often extra warm because we burn wood, thus the shorts.  Anyhoo, I missed the window of the early morning light I desired.   Looking around the yard,  I chose to take these amongst last year’s sunflower garden.

It was worth the cold wet bottom and dirty knees even if they aren’t quite right.  I needed some outdoor time and practice.

The next set of photos will be inside with props and everything.  I’m probably far too excited about this than I should be.   Without further ado or chilly knees, I present Claude a Red Daemon Gourd.

Claude taking a moment to survey the surroundings with that feline-like gaze. This one is my favorite.

Claude looks almost happy in this one.

I swear Claude saw something they wanted to pounce on.

Prot wanted in on the fun until the cold hit their bottom.

I have the day off from the Land of Lunch today so there will be more playing around with the camera.  However, there is a boatload of dishes to wash, a couple of loads of wood to bring in and some errands to run.  Blerg.  Well, the errands could prove fun because I have a Michaels gift card burning a hole in my wallet. Hmmm…

The next Daemon Gourd that’s coming over will be sporting pantaloons and has curlier horns.  And a parasol?  What?!  Really?!  Seriously, this just came over the wire:

“I’ll need a parasol.”

Good gravy.  What have I gotten myself into?

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