Good Things for 9.21.2020

Dandelion, Queen of Weeds, The Bearded Lady, First in Her Name, Grande Dame of Calicatitude. That face… sigh

The Dawg Girls’ tennis ball is HER personal toy.

Discovering the show New Girl (currently streaming on Netflix)


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Good Things for Sunday 9.20.2020

Sleeping in (5:45 am counts as sleeping in)

Hot cuppa coffee

Warm hands rubbing the muscles between my shoulder blades

Fog resting on top of the cornfield

Hot air balloons! I circled them because I couldn’t zoom in for a decent pic. Darn camera phone

Photographic proof that Dandelion can & will on occasion snuggle with another cat. She misses her Tortie sister, Tortie Pants. Where you found one, you could usually find the other.

Understanding/Seeing the reason behind a decision made by the school administration. (I still don’t agree with it, but I get the thinking behind it.)

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Good Things for Saturday 9.19.2020

This doesn’t fit under the title of “Good Things”.  I couldn’t “not” make mention of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  May you rest in peace.  And, thank you Notorious RBG.  You made a big impact within the United States, it’s people and me.  You will be sorely missed.

Today’s Good Things is mostly pictures except for:

Orange Chicken (leftovers for lunch!)
and, Glazed Donuts

Bunnola’s secretary. This is the sight that greeted me when setting a package on their desk.

Mocha was highly suspicious of the contents in the bucket (they were plants from the aquarium we were cleaning). She has never, that we have witnessed, stood up like this. She hissed at them. They must have been whispering insidious things that only she could hear. Tortie cats are so wyrd.

I’ve had to use my cell phone for pictures lately because Bunnola needs theirs for class. There was a wispy swoosh of cloud behind the crescent moon. It was beautiful & badly captured on my camera phone.

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Good Things for Friday 9.18.2020

Laughing at dawg shenanigans over a bone

Daisy giving Penny’s nose one good lick when she was trying to pull some dog ninja hooey & steal the boney she was chewing on. This, after stealing the first boney.

Mickey, The North American Scrubba Cat, Mighty Predator of Giant Murder Crickets, Protectress of Basements, First of Her Name, telling me all about her nightly cricket hunts & how she saved the basement from certain doom.

Orange Chicken

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