Sophia Stallone Sparkle Pants

Hello! How have you been? The weather within the Flatlands of NW Ohio has been gourdgeous! 

So what’s been happening over here in The Lair? Now, I can introduce Sophia Stallone Sparkle Pants! This doll is filed under A Gourd Trouble Creation and is a Daemon Gourd. I made it for my second spawn, Bunnola.



Sophia is more than a custom-designed doll with colors and elements that reflect Bunnola. Sophia can help with the overwhelm and angst. Bunnola is navigating full college class loads, internship workload, and pandemic hootenanny. Inspiration for Sophia came via  Guatemalan Worry dolls and things I’ve found helpful when dealing with angst within my life. Wala, Sophia was born!

So, this is how it works: Whenever angst or worry sets in, Bunnola can write that down on the paper, ask Sophia to help transmute or clear it, then burn it in the cauldron. I made a pendant as an additional talisman to wear when they are out & about. Something they can hold on to and send those feelings into to transmute/discharge if needed. 

And in other news:

Freshly bathed gourd volunteer with pineapple for size comparison & tax

I’m bringing the first Gnord to life. *insert quasi-evil hand rub here* This one goes into the Gourd Trouble Creation file. I love gnomes. You know me, the muses, and the creative beastie have thrown out normal and cute for a mix of wyrd, peculiar, and odd. That’s what a Gnord is, a hooey-ish combo of gnome and gourd.

There is fiddling to do on The Unabridged Story of Daemons. This story has it all; danger, daemons, flies, and an appearance of Captain Lord Dampnut. Lord Dampnut is similar to the 45th president of the U.S. of A. Of course, I had to go there.

Back to Gnords, this will give me a chance to try out the printable I’m making for creations. It’s a way to keep better track of materials and how-to’s for dolls for future reference. I’m of the mind that if I’m going to offer something for sale, it should be something I use vs. some of the blah blah blah copy and tweak what someone else has done baloney advice I’ve heard. Nah. That feels icky.

Of course, there’s the stint at The Land of Lunch in a bit. Would you believe there are STILL naked nostrils flashing at me? There was even *gasp & swoon* a bare face. I’m not sure my heart can take much more of all this nakedness. Yes, I correct the offending nostril owners and ask them to cover up. I guess we can add nostril police to my list of job duties. That’s something I didn’t think I’d EVER write in a sentence.

Now, you are all caught up! I hope your day is full of fantabulous awesomeness.


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A Ponder for 4.2.21

some call her a weed
I have to disagree
she’s resilience
she’s medicinal
she nurtures
she feeds
she’s buttery goodness
under my chin
she fell out of favor
in this civilized world
but she persists as
as things of nature do
a brilliant shock of
scrumptious yellow
in a boring sea of green
methinks one could learn
a thing or two from
what some call a weed

©2021 Tracy Swartz

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Woolgathers for 3.18.21

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness. This is how the Daemoness lures hoomans into her web of tortie hooey.

Yesterday, I rescued a birdie boo* from the jaws of The Daemoness. I picked her up with the bird in her mouth. As I carried her to find a suitable place to release the bird, she loosened up her clench & off flew the bird! I didn’t see that coming.

Once again, I am on her Hoomans Who Will Eat Hot Death list.

I didn’t help myself this morning when she tried to sneak out the door before the sun was up. Members of the esteemed Kitty Committee aren’t allowed out when it’s dark. I scooped her up (she’s not a fan of traveling by hooman), walked out the door & hollered for Penny Dreadful to get her Hell Hound butt in the house. Fun fact, hound dogs tend to have a one-track nose & enviable laser focus that turns off their hearing. Penny finally galloped into the house. I walked back inside with one Daemoness tucked in my arms.

I looked at her and said, “There. You got to go outside before the sun is up!”

Surprisingly, my Eat Hot Death shield saved me from becoming a pile of smoldering pet hooman ash. I’m a glutton for punishment as I can’t resist a tortie cat.

*Don’t judge. I believe referring to birds as “birdie boos” began when the kids were much younger and had parakeets. It’s become part of our families’ vernacular. We also call hamburgers “hangaburgers” because of Bunnola. Dirty dishes are now “dirly” dishes when I forgot to cross the t on the dishwasher sign.

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Woolgathers for 3.11.21

The Halfway Point

Standing here
in this hot minute

I’m a few steps in
in to my 50’s
I look back
all the steps I’ve made
all those versions of me
all the life lived
done well
done poorly

Standing here
in this hot minute

Am I happy?
Am I content?
Not completely.
Is anyone complete?
Maybe we are
when we move from
this world to whatever
lies beyond.

Standing here
in this hot minute

I look ahead.
Life begs,
woos me to answer
the burning question
in my breast.
Where do I want
to go from here?

As I  stand
in this hot minute
~ ©2021 Tracy Swartz

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