Day 11 of AEDM

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I learned that silicone doesn’t like to stick to anything but silicone.  This is something I didn’t take into consideration when I ordered the corn kernels. I’d figure it out/wing it/make it work dagnabbit when the time came.  This is a test kernel with a tube of caulking I found that we used around our sink.  If this doesn’t work, I have an unopened tube of silicone to try.  This paint dribble on cardboard is my testing spot so I don’t ruin the crown.

Next up is adding more Snow-Tex to the remainder of the Gourd Trouble doll’s body.

And, last but certainly not least, here are a few pictures of the gourds in various stages of the drying process.

That’s it for Day 11 from the Flatlands of NW Ohio. Time to head into The Land of Lunch. I’m very glad we are once again on a hybrid schedule! Stay safe AEDM family & have an awesome day!

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Day 9 of AEDM

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So, I skipped day 7 & 8.  I knew weekends would be the difficult days to show up.  I’m trying to fit lots of things in a day & welp, the weekends are usually for extra projects that need doing around the house.

This weekend we cleaned the chimney & furnace.  The weather was in the high 70’s, unusually warm for these parts & perfect to get ‘r done.

I am DIRTY!  The Hubs doesn’t look near as dirty as I do, however, I will vouch that he was just as covered in the stuff.  For those that are wondering, we have a dual furnace that burns both propane & wood.  When the wood goes out, the propane kicks in.  It’s saved us a pretty penny over the years as The Hubs gets free wood from work.  It took quite a few scrubs to get all that off.  I’ve made a mental note that no matter how comfy a tank top is, it’s not a good thing to wear when cleaning chimnies or furnaces.

Today, I worked the Queen of The Cafeteria Ladies crown.  I’m so close to being finished!

I added Aileens Tacky Glue to the Modge Podge & acrylic brown paint mix to give it some layer & more drip texture.  I’m sad to report that as it’s dried, it has flattened out & didn’t look near as good as it does when first applied.  Oh well, the gravy is done.  I placed the corn kernels into the wet stuff & we’ll see how well they stick tomorrow.

And, every self-respecting Queen must have a scepter to go with her crown, eh?  Well here’s what I came up with:

Here is a close-up of the flies, because I can. They are so gross but look good which is a strange thing I never thought I’d ever ever type in a sentence but here we are and it’s 2020 so what do ya expect?

That’s all I’ve got to report for today. I’ve got to figure out how to squeeze some time in tomorrow as there’s a lot going on. Have a super evening or morning or pleasant dreams if you’re still a snooze in dreamland, which ever the case may be!

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Day 6 of AEDM

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Queen of The Cafeteria Ladies Crown:

Day 6 & pass me the gravy puh-leeze!  This submission is a quickie. I’m on a roll & I want to keep the momentum going.

I finagled a way to hang up the crown so I could dribble the “gravy” over it.

I read somewhere on the Interwebs to use Modge Podge & paint to make faux gravy.

Not a total fan of how it came out, but as I’m out of brown paint, it will have to do. After it’s dry, I’ll add corn kernels & flies.

That’s all she wrote for today. Hope the rest of your day or evening is awesome!

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Day 5 of AEDM

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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Nothing that a little playtime in The Lair wouldn’t make right.

I haven’t been clear on the projects I’m working on.   There are three.  Two are dolls called Gourd Troubles.  The one I’ve been talking about the most is for my college-age kid who I call Bun.  The other one is for me & I’ll share that one as we go along.  I love creating anthropomorphic type dolls with poseable appendages.  The head & body always start with gourds.

For reference on the style of the doll, here’s a picture of Prot (short for prototype) & Claude (who is wingless in this picture). These are Daemon Gourd dolls I made earlier this year.  I used eggshells to cover their bodies for a scaly feel ’cause you know, Daemons.  I love combining the softness of fabrics & textiles with the hardness of gourds.

Below is the Gourd Trouble doll I’m making for Bun.  When I’m done, it will look owl-ish but it is certainly not an owl.  This morning I added Snow-Tex to the face.  I’m going to let that dry before adding more to the rest of the body.  The eyes were made by painting paper & attaching it to the back of a clear glass cabochon with Diamond Glaze.  I am in love with this face!!

The other project I’m working on is a Queen of the Cafeteria Ladies crown for a co-worker.  This is something she can actually wear.  Will she?  That remains to be seen.  Hee hee hee.  How that got started can be found HERE.

So, the vision is three fly swatters poking out from mashed potatoes covered with gravy, corn, & flies.  This isn’t the greatest picture because I’m using my crappy camera phone, but I am pleased that the mashed potatoes portion is looking much better!

That’s all I have for Day 5 of AEDM. I hope your day is filled with good stuffs!

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