Good Things for Thursday 9.10.2020

Fog that adds an air of mystery & bewitchment to the morning

Grizzly Meadows’ Witches Brew Smudge spray

Getting back to nourishing practices

Answers to questions

Winks from beyond that remind me someone/something is listening & on it.

Seemingly inconsequential coincidences

The squirrels playing tag across the yard

Instantpot Crack Chicken with Shells & a side of garlic green beans

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Good Things for Wednesday 9.9.2020

Spider webs

A/C for sleeping

Dish Bubbles


Orange Creamsicle Kittehs

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Good Things for Tuesday 9.8.2020

Beautiful ball of orange sun rising in the East

A chat with the cornfield

Laughter with the Sisters in Lunch

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Good Things for Monday 9.7.2020

Sleeping in


Lazy day


Good sups (potatoes, onion, green pepper, smoked sausage roasted in the oven)

The niece’s smile

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