Day 23 of AEDM

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This morning I ran to the stores. I thought I was being sneaky & pretty smart going so early. For the first two, there were not very many people. The last one though? The word got out & with everyone grabbing for the toilet paper again (did we NOT learn from March? Rhetorical question because obvs we did NOT.) There were far too many hoomans about than I care to be around at this point & time.

Today, instead of working on the Gourd Trouble Doll, I decided to share my living room with you. I warn you, it’s a bit gruesome. There has been yet another sacrificial stuffie offering. There are stuffie guts & skins scattered without care.

If you are squeamish about stuffie innards, then I suggest you turn away now.

The two main suspects were questioned & denied any wrongdoing or knowing a thing about it. In fact, they tried to pin it on the cats.

I interviewed Dandelion (a.k.a. Princess Bearded Lady of the Calico Pants, First of Her Name) who said, “Look at me. Do I look like I give a mouse’s behind about stuffies or tearing them asunder?” She has a point. That look is because I was eyeballing her royal fuzzy belly.

My spidey senses tell me it’s the Hell Hound, Penny Dreadful. That’s her nickname. She’s not really dreadful but she is a hound & sometimes those nicknames fit. I swear if she had opposable thumbs, I would be in deep trouble. Daisy is the black & white one who is like her hapless sidekick although she can be a bit on the side of the sneaky pants when she wants to.

Today’s creative fun, besides making up the ridiculousness above… I like to say that I don’t lie per se. I tell fictional stories. No one falls for it.

I decided to try a new-to-me banana bread recipe. The one I use from my dilapidated Better Homes cookbook (which The Hubs really would like to throw away but has been threatened with the pain of a marble rolling pin to his noggin) is kinda bland.

I know you’re not supposed to eat the raw batter & Lawd knows it’s 2020 but you know what? I was willing to give 2020 a big ole’ raspberry (Pfffflllllttttttt). It’s difficult to do a decent selfie when one is trying to eat batter & not look like a middle-aged woman trying to look sexy (which I was not & do not) nor come off in any sort of lewd manner. For the sake of creativity & levity, I am posting this. Gads, what is wrong with me?

I popped the bread into the oven… Ignore the dirty oven, please.

And about an hour later… Oh, if you could smell what I’m smelling (and I’m not talking dog farts!)

Mmmmm… I can’t wait ’til it’s cooled a bit & I can slather on some butter!

That’s all the happenings here in the Flatlands of NW Ohio. Stay safe & may your day/evening be full of awesomeness!

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Day 21 of AEDM

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YEAH!  The one co-worker’s COVID test came back negative! This one I had contact with. The other one, whom I did not have contact with, came back positive.  BOO!  She said she & her hubs are doing okay so far.  I’m grateful we (meaning the cafeteria staff) are off until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  One more thing I’m grateful for & will be thanking all my Holy Helpers & crew for continuing to keep my family safe.

Onto the creative juicy stuff.  So, IT happened.  I took a fresh look at the Gourd Trouble’s face & said NOPE.

I painted it black & while the black paint was still wet, went over it with blue.  It’s a lovely shade of dark blue/gray.  I started again with white paint for the “stars” & instead decided to stick to my tried & true love of metallic silver.  What I love about the metallic silver is how much the “stars” pop out or stay subtle depending on how the light hits.

Of course, I checked in with The Bun & got an Oh-Hella-Yes approval.

All the dolls I make have eyelashes of some sort.  I, on the other hand, do not have long luscious lashes & this is how I compensate.  I’ve tried wearing faux lashes.  The end result takes hours & the lashes on the floor or in a glued up heap.  I’d really like to try the magnetic ones because I am an eternal optimist at the core.

Okay, enough about that…

In the background, you can see the curly yarn that will be used for the doll’s hair. There, sitting all pretty are my nemesis of the crown, the silicone corn kernels. I found one stray plastic fly on the floor.  I’m thinking of adding it to my co-worker (the one that received the Queen of the Cafeteria Ladies crown) Christmas present.  Mwhahahahahahaha.  Okay, I’m getting off track.  I’m going to cover the whole piece in little silver dots while White Christmas (the movie) plays in the background.  I love this movie.  I also love Holiday Inn.  And, if you haven’t watched it yet, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey on Netflix is fabulous.  I’m a sucker for musicals.  Oh yeah, you can also see in the background the tree that fell during a nasty storm last weekend.  The only good thing about that is I’ll have a better view of the farm field.  You never know what beasties you’ll catch moving about out there.  Please ignore the dirt on my window.  It’s hard to get my minions to clean properly.

And, here’s a bit of a close-up. I’m happy about the direction the doll is going. That’s all for today’s AEDM brought to you from a cool & cloudy day in the Flatlands of NW Ohio. Stay safe & I hope your day/evening is full of awesomesauciness!

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Day 19 of AEDM

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I was hoping to have an update on my co-worker’s test result for Covid-19, but no word yet. She’s feeling better so that’s some good news there! We are all hoping it comes back negative. We have another co-worker out who isn’t feeling well & we are all rooting that her test comes back negative too.

I’m so ready for 2020 to be finished, done, outta here & gone. It’s a year for the history books for sure.

Okay, short ‘n sweet again. I added more white dots to create the look of stars on the Gourd Trouble’s face & a bit on the chest. This doll will be wearing a vest. Heaven help me, I have to figure out how to make pantaloons. Yes, this doll wants pantaloons similar to what they wore in the times of King Louis XIV. The whole idea of pantaloons was planted months ago after binge-watching Versailles on Netflix. My muses love planting ideas in my brain. I swear I hear them laugh as I go down rabbit holes to figure out how to make these things happen.

I apologize for the photo. I really need to borrow my kid’s camera. My Nikkon won’t autofocus & it can be a bear to work with. The Bun has a new one because it was needed for a college class.  The doll looks much better in person.

The next steps are to make hands & arms from cloth with pipe cleaners inside for poseability. The upper legs will be made from cloth also & somehow I have to create combat boots (yet another idea floated my way via The Muses).  This isn’t a doll for the faint of heart. This is one over-the-top, what-is-she-thinking sort of doll.  Plus, it’s perfect for The Bun. So here we go, the vest will most likely be black, the pantaloons a lovely ombre of pink to purple & the hair, hot pink & curly.  Oh yeah, I can’t forget the horns.  This doll will have horns, also made from cloth.

Then to top it all off, I got an idea to make a train out of a gourd for my Dad.  I’ll put that on the back burner because there is no way I can get it done in time for Christmas.  Too many gourdy ideas & so little time!

That’s all to report from the Flatlands in NW Ohio.  Stay safe & I hope your day/evening is full of all things awesome.

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Day 18 of AEDM

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The good news is that the Queen of the Cafeteria Ladies crown was a whopping success! She loved it. The bad news is no one can wear it! You know how a headband has some give to it? Well, with all the paper mache on top, there was no more give & it wouldn’t stay on one’s head without falling forward or backward. That’s alright though because the look & joy on her face were well worth the effort to create it.

Now, onto the Gourd Trouble doll…

Not much to report except a few more layers of paint on the top. Once this dries, I may add a bit more blue before adding the stars.

On another note, keep your fingers crossed that a co-worker of mine’s Covid-19 test comes back negative because guess who will have to quarantine if it doesn’t. AAAAAAAAACK!!!

That’s all from the Flatlands of NW Ohio! Stay safe, have a great day & may it be full of awesomesauciness.

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