Good Things for Tuesday 9.15.2020

Dandelion napping in the window

Penny Dawg’s never-ending excitement over food in her dish

Putting the pressure canner away for the year

Grateful for getting all the things done yesterday so today is free for fun stuffs

Letting things go

Creative play

Playing with stencils

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Good Things for Monday 9.14.2020

Watching /the social dilemma on Netflix

Flexing my drawing muscles

Creating bullet journal pages

Signing out of Facebook

Removing the Messenger App from my phone

Figuring out how to stop Chrome from auto-signing me into YouTube

Deleting the Pinterest account

Freezing the last of the peppers for the year (5 one-gallon bags worth)

The last canning of tomatoes for the year (35 Quarts grand total Woot!)

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Good Things for Sunday 9.13.2020

Thick burgers on the grill (new recipe)

Seeing my SIL

JimJim snuggled, purring & being damn adorable while I try to type this sentence.  His head is resting on my left hand while I type.

A working drain

Change of plans

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Good Things for Saturday 9.12.2020

A cheeky tomato from the garden

The house to myself – WHAT?!

Starting a bullet journal

Pigma Pens, Inktense Pencils & Ubrands Pencils

That squirrel bouncing around the yard on a secret nut mission

Sleeping in

A boss that has my & the sisters in lunch’s safety front & center

The third absentee voting request from the Republican party arrived in the mail & it said, “President Trump is counting on you!”

24-hour drain unplugging services

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