What is virtual assitance?

What does a virtual assistant do? It's more nuanced than easing frazzle, overwhelm, and busting up the to-do list. A virtual assistant helps create space in your world, business, and community. Spaciousness allows you to show up for your community in profound ways. When your community grows emotionally and is supported healthily, we collectively and individually change the world. We all do better. A well-lived good life is doing, being better with the willingness to learn and grow. I want to leave the world better than I found it for my descendants and your descendants. We all live on the same bodacious blue planet. It's cliche to say this. We are connected, and I say it because it's true. If you're looking for more space in your world and accomplish the amazing things you're on fire about, consider working with a virtual assistant. Or, as I see it, A Space Maker.