Good Things for Tuesday 9.29.2020

I’ve kept to the practice of daily Good Things for 45 days in a row!  Woot! Woot!


Making eyes

Hot showers

Maintaining a decently good mood after a shitshow day at the J.O.B.

An evening campfire sitting on the yard swing with The Hubs

Hearing the rain moving closer & closer across the farm field

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Good Things for Monday 9.28.2020

Dropping temperatures – Autumn is here!

Shopping for hot pink curly doll hair & pink to purple ombre fabrics for Bunnola’s Gourd Trouble

Tiny pink cauldrons

Making space to get creative

Research into helpful dolls

Owl faces

Rainbows after the rain

Taken from the kitchen window on the south side of the house

This is one of a bazillion reasons why I love living out amongst the farm fields – the NW Ohio sunsets

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Good Things for Sunday 9.27.2020

No children in the house for the whole day!

Sung to the tune of “California Dreamin'” by the Mama & The Papas
“All the corn is gold
and the sky is grey
I look out the window
just watching it sway”
Coming up with “The Most Interesting Cat in the World” sayings for Cookie

I don’t always catch mice, but when I do, the birds are jealous.

I don’t always sit on your side of the couch, but when I do, I expect you to sit somewhere else.

I don’t always exude ennui, but when I do, I expect you to be a good pet hooman & leave me alone.

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Good Things for Saturday 9.26.2020

Much needed & desired work-related communication

Penny being Penny

Saving the Feesh! The fish tanks had an ammonia spike & when that happens it means certain doom for them. One of the tell-tale signs is the fish stay to the top and/or look like they are saying “Bob.Bob.Bob.”

Naps… lotsa naps

Apple Cinnamon cookies are both a good thing & a total evil thing

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