Of course they would want a scroll

As promised, I will show you the scrolls I created containing The Daemon Gourd Manifesto.  Again, much help from the Interwebs on the how to make a scroll and then adapting it to what I had on hand.  Before I get to that, I want to share the manifesto with you.

It’s hard to explain exactly how this works or what it feels like.  I’ll give it a go.  I had recently listened to Womanifesto by Jill Scott.  It’s powerful.  It’s strong.  It’s unapologetic.  I knew that this was some of the sauce Daemon Gourds carry.  I sat Prot in front of me (the prototype Daemon Gourd).  I stared into their eyes.  I asked, “So, what are you all about?”  And this is what more or less flowed into my brain, out through my fingers and onto the screen.  There has been a bit of a tweak to it such as removing an excess line or adding more punch/oomph.  It feels unapologetic and empowering to me.  And the line that sticks out the most for me is this one, “You are a paradoxical juxtaposition of opposites.”

The Daemon Gourd Manifesto
I am a Daemon Gourd
I am cuteness wrapped in odd
I am not everyone’s cup of tea
I look wakadoo
And I don’t care
How about you?
Do you care when
They tell you
To shut the fuck up
To sit down
You don’t matter
You are too much
You are so ugly
You are too thin
You are too fat
You are too pretty
You are too old
You are too gray
You are too young
You are too this or that.
Stop it
Stop listening to the outside
Stop squeezing into impossible
Let’s glitch the societal matrix
Embrace who you are
You are wondrously complex
You love hard
You have all the feels
You speak your truth
You are wyrd, uncommon & peculiar
You are a big silly
You are over-the-topness
You are craziness
You are a paradoxical juxtaposition of opposites
You are made of stardust, comets, and moonbeams
You are the salt of the earth
You are vital
You matter
You make a difference
You are wanted
You are loved
You beautiful
Beautiful human being.
©2019 Tracy Swartz

Now, let’s move on to the scroll this is on!

I’m pretty darn pleased with how this turned out.  The only problem is the size.  It measures 5 inches from one end of the rod to the other end. Unrolled it’s about 9 1/2 inches long.

I valiantly attempted to create a suitcase out of a matchbox because of all the items Claude wants to pack.  The scroll barely fit inside.  Plus, there were other issues, like it not sliding open easily once I covered it with paper.  I added a wee handle and that didn’t help one whit.

Then, I wondered, “Hey, what about a small gourd purse or gourd luggage?”  Off to the Interwebs I went and found a couple of ideas I hadn’t ever seen before.  Well, well, well.

You may have not known this, Daemons carry their hearts on the outside.  If a Daemon hands you its heart, that is something special.  I was going to make hearts out of red material but I remembered a certain heart-shaped locket I created from two pieces of gourd shards.

She Who Nurtures

Ah yes, this gives me ideas!  New and improved ideas!

Of course, there is the magical Daemon’s Heart poem which describes all the materia used inside the heart to bring it to life.  That is going into a wee spellbook I need to make yet.

I can’t help myself.  There’s something about adding all these details that help bring life to the piece.  Wait until the photoshoot when everything is done!

Remember the line I mentioned that stuck out for me from manifesto? “You are a paradoxical juxtaposition of opposites.”  That perfectly explains why a character such as Claude is not only helpful but likes to collect big toes.  We, humans, are much the same, although I don’t recommend a collection of toes.  We try more often than not to fit all of ourselves into a nice tidy neat wrapped with a bow box.  Invariably, feet, arms, hair, and legs end up hanging out akimbo and we go about the business of trying to make it all fit back in. The world doesn’t need any more of that nonsense.

I’ll be back with more updates as things are made.  In the meantime, be safe, stay safe, and most importantly, be kind to one another.


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