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Hello mes petits pois doux! 1My little sweet peas in French. Pronounced roughly may petty pwa do. A quick note about footnotes.  They’re in here. They’re hard to spot.  You can access them on both desktops, mobile devices & touchscreens.  Yeah! Simply click or touch the footnote number, and it will pop up.

It rained yesterday afternoon.  I’m in a little tiny portion of  Northwest Ohio that’s under “dry” conditions.  Most of the area is under “Moderate Drought”.  I have my theories about why that’s happened, but I’ll keep that to myself.  I’ve got to leave some things a mystery. *smirks*

Yesterday I was in & out of meh-moodiness.  I’m not a fan of the hot, wear the air temps.  If I wanted that, I would have stayed in Florida.  Plus, the shenanigans going on in the U.S. of A makes my head spin.

Today.  Ah, today, how I welcome you with cooler temps & humidity.  I’ve thrown the windows open to let the stink of canned air out.  I popped the allergy meds so whatever might be lurking about wanting to tickle my sinuses, HA! you can’t.

Lately, one of the things I like to do to combat meh-ing 2A new verb in the Swartz Haus. When your meh mood is activated so loudly that someone can feel whiffs of it from the other side of the room. One out of one Bunnolas approves the use of this verb since it was invented when observing & feeling their meh vibe oozing across the livingroom.about the house is to wander around the yard with The Bun’s3One of twenty some odd nicknames for my second born spawn. camera.  I’m privileged to live out amongst farm fields with neighbors that aren’t too up close & personal.  This is the year of the living green corn fence & that helps create quite the cozy atmosphere.  The lawn outside the fenced area is unkempt & needs mowing.  The locusts are singing & it feels like I live a million miles away from anywhere.  I’m of half a mind to go run willy-nilly about the yard in nothing but my birthday suit.  However, I won’t because you can still see into the yard from the turnpike & parts of the road.  Plus, I don’t need bug bites that require itching in places that one isn’t supposed to itch in public.

First in the line up are some shots of Rose of Sharon flowers for your viewing pleasure.

The next pictures are from the depths of the Gourd Jungle where wee lightly fuzzed gourdlings swing from vines.

Focusing my attention on the beauty & wonder that’s right in the yard helps ease the meh, the anxiety & gives me some small measure of hope. I’m bursting with pride at what the peeps are doing in Portland, Oregon by standing up for their right to protest & to keep the BLM movement going forward. I respect & am grateful for those that work the front-lines like my niece-in-law who is an ER doctor. I’m glad that there are more of us who respect all our essential workers by doing what we can to flatten the curve of COVID Cooties.  Yes, that means wearing an annoying mask & practicing the 6′ keep-away-dance.

If nature can keep on doing her thing, well I guess I can too.

Stay safe, wash your hands, don’t people too much & wear your mask!

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