The Daemon Gourd Manifesto

I am a Daemon Gourd
For you and to you
I am cuteness wrapped in odd
I am not everyone’s cup of tea
I look wakadoo
And I don’t care

I am the keeper of your youness
Guardian of the real you.
Remember that one
The one you hide deep
Because you’re tired
Tired of them telling you

To shut the fuck up
To sit down
You don’t matter
You are too much
You are ugly
You are too thin
You are too fat
You are too pretty
You are too old
You are too gray
You are too young
You are too this or that.
Just stop

Stop listening to the outside
Stop squeezing into impossible
Let’s glitch the societal matrix
Stop hiding who you are

Embrace who you are
You are wondrously complex
You love hard
You speak your truth
You are wyrd, uncommon & peculiar
You are a big silly
You are over-the-topness
You are craziness
You are a paradoxical juxtapositions of opposites
You are made of stardust, comets and moonbeams
You are the salt of the earth
You are vital
You matter
You make a difference
You are wanted
You are loved
So so loved.

I am here
I am here to remind you
that you are all that and then some

You beautiful
Beautiful human being.

A Daemon’s Heart

Upon my desk, it sat
empty, soulless, not much to look at.
It was missing some thing.
It’s eyes dead with no zing.

Ah, now I know where to start.
Of course, it’s missing a heart.
I found a bit of cloth and thread
colored with a beautiful red.

Snipped and cut into the proper shape
the heart was sewn and left with a gape
to place inside the magical people.
This daemon must have a heart most gleeful.

The roar of a dandelion
because there’s no denyin’
their agency & authority
or dislike of conformity.

Of course a pinch of red pepper
makes all magics hot & better.
Besides, a bit of sass and spice
melts away potential ice.

What’s a heart without love?
The bud of a rose fits like a glove.
It full of possibility and expansion
infinite doors to open inside a tiny mansion.

An itty bitty lavender flower
adds a tremendous calming power
as soft and warm as fleece.
Hearts need to feel that peace.

A sunflower’s single yellow petal
inside of it, the sun’s warmth settles.
Infused with happiness and hope
it gives this heart the ability to cope.

Wilhelmina Willow offered a leaf
to add to this magical sheaf.
She said it’s important to be pliant
which is a superpower most giant.

A dollop of catnip is a must
for a heart carefree and robust.
Child-like play
keeps heaviness at bay.

A leaf and barb from the mighty pin oak
gives hearts strength and the ability to poke.
When firm boundaries are blatantly crossed
there is a non-negotiable cost.

All hearts must be able to bloom
in order to confront any gloom.
The calla lily donated the power
hidden within her blood-red flower.

Who knew hearts need stones
those pieces of earth’s bones?
They are a map back to your home
when other’s beliefs cause you to roam.

This heart will shine and amplify
with a bit of clear quartz to fortify
the daemon’s manifesto
that upon you I bestow.

One single drop of lodestone oil
will help your heart uncoil
so you can be and shine your light
as that is your divine birthright.

Lastly, a gourd seed not the least of them all
for without it, there would be no doll.
It’s a tip of the hat, a nod to the start of things
the beginning of all wondrous imaginings.

The heart was sewn closed and placed with care
for its magic is potent and life-changing for those that dare
to stand strong in their resilience
shining their magnificent brilliance.

The daemon gourd’s eyes shined with life,
a sharp gleam that cut through bullshit like a knife.
I smiled knowing my job was done.
Now, yours has just begun.