Inside the Membrane

Good morning! How are you? It’s been a hot minute, I know, me and my hot minutes. They get longer and longer.  This picture/meme is the perfect visual for what’s going on in my brain.

As you may or may not know, I’m writing a book.  Yes.  That book. Still. Working. On. It.  This short story has turned into a novella or novelette or who knows a longer tome.  All I know is that research has been eye-popping. And, as a lover of creating things, world-building is a total blast.  I can totally see why *insert your favorite deities here* would get a kick out of it.

Twice, parts of this book showed up in a dream. This morning’s conversation and the setting were just as vivid as the first one.  I had to get it down and caused Mr. JimJim (The North American Wubba Cat) great distress as he had to wait for his canned fud treatsie.  He wasn’t pleased and it’s reported, went upstairs to bother the other biped trying to shower.  That biped meowed in reply and it wasn’t what his royal pussy-cat wanted to hear.  This has happened with art projects too. Not a certain pussy-cat meowing, but the solution showing up in that state between wakefulness and dreaming. Pretty awesome how that tofu-like substance between the ears works!

I’m seriously considering putting out a serialized version of this book when it’s finished in addition to a published version. I’m far away from that decision, but I’ll let you know.

The Land of Lunch inspired some characters for another book, a spin-off of this first book.  Would you believe I have 5 working titles for the next books?

My love/hate relationship continues with Facebook.  I’m leaning more and more away from it. I took down the link to subscribe to my blog posts because I had 41 spam e-mails signed up for it.  *Le Sigh* I’ll have to research how to keep legit folks who want to be in the loop, in the loop.

My current gourdish project is a Black Unicorn.  Here’s a W.I.P. picture for ya.

My friend commented that the head looked like a boob in the first picture. I couldn’t unsee that until I was further along in the creation process. This Unicorn is a gift and there are no plans to create more of them at this time. HOWEVER…

There are these damn Gnords clamoring for attention. They are 3rd cousins twice removed from gnomes. They are mischievous, a wee naughty, and full of hooey. The current plan is to make a certain number of them, launch them out into the world, and see if there is any interest. If there is, I’ll keep going. If there isn’t then I’ll keep making them and create an army of Gnords for The Lair.   Mwhahahahahahaha!

In summary, I’m writing and I’m getting gourdy with it.  Soon it will be garden planning season and that means buying seeds then starting seeds.

I really need to work on my quantum time travel so I can get it all done.  Maybe there are some tips and tricks on the Googles.

Until the next hot minute, I’ll leave you with this gem.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou

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  1. Love your writing and your art. I need to restart a blog and keep writing as well. It is one more thing that I just don’t seem to have time for anymore. Keep up the hooey.

    • tracy says:

      Thank you Leslie! I’m so glad you took time to comment. I hear ya on the time. I had to take a hard look at where I’m spending it & realized there was adjusting on my part to do. Here I thought it would be easier once one kid was out of the house. Gosh, was I wrong! LOL Let me know if you restart a blog. I’ll come over & visit you. I’ll bring cookies.

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