I’m the bug 3.15.22

You know the saying that goes, some days you’re the windshield and some days you’re the bug?  That’s how the weekend was, thus no post on Sunday.  I was getting tossed back and forth by the windshield wipers of life.

I needed to decompress so that’s what I did yesterday after The Land of Lunch.  Am I the only one who argues with myself about taking the time to go blerg?  My brain would drop hints of things I needed to do and should be doing.  I finished watching Worst Roommate Ever. Not something I’d recommend when in that sort of mood, but I couldn’t help myself. After that, I found Queer Eye Germany.  I love the hosts! The show was just the medicine I needed to help lift my battered mood. The rest of the household didn’t have to walk about on eggshells wondering when my dark side would unleash snide snark upon their undeserving selves.

This post from Safa Samiezadé-Yazd on FB remembering Zitkala-Ša on International Women’s Day.  Native American women were an integral part of the women’s rights movement and that bit of history was erased.  https://www.facebook.com/safasamyazd/posts/10101949729468513

This picture of Penny and Daisy (left to right) on the couch represents how The Hubs and I share the bed.  I’m totally Daisy.
two dogs on loveseat with one on her back
Have you watched Life Below Zero? It made me think of the days when my Mom and Dad were building the Canterbury house.  We’d literally camp on the land for the summer.  I don’t remember who came up with this, but before the house was shelled in, laundry was done in the back of an old black pick-up truck.  You read that correctly.  Water was pumped up from the well into two large clean trash cans.  Dirty clothes were put into one with soap and agitated as the truck was driven to the store or I think on Dad’s drive to work.  A plunger was involved for further agitation. If memory serves me correctly, the rinse cycle was done the same way.  The cleaned clothes were wrung out by hand and hung up to dry.  We had a solar shower set up too.  That water was frickin’ COLD when the 55-gallon barrel was freshly filled.  Those years left an indelible mark.  Today,  I garden and preserve what we grow. I’ve had chickens and ducks living here and would love to see some clucking and quacking about the yard again.  There’s a part of me that longs for a self-sufficient lifestyle out in the wilds.  The other part of me loves the dishwasher, being within 15 minutes to the grocery store, wifi, and other perks of suburban living. Plus, The Hubs isn’t keen on living way out yonder.

As promised, here are a few pics of the finished unicorn.
three quarter view of a dark unicorn made from gourds and mixed media with a scene from the Universe on it's belly Front view of a dark unicorn made from hard shell gourds and mixed media with a scene from the Universe on it's belly  head shot of a dark unicorn made from gourds and mixed media with a scene from the Universe on it's belly
I love alcohol ink-based markers!  I didn’t purchase expensive ones because I want to play with them before making a commitment. So far, I’m liking them, a lot!
from left to right, drawing using alcohol markers, markers and minion cup with pens and pencils
I found a sketch in one of my pads (Canson mixed media Acrylic/Watercolor/Pen and Pencil) and decided to color it in to see how the markers took to the paper.  This didn’t bleed like the sketch above made in a generic sketchbook.  I ordered some special marker paper and will report back on how that works out.
cartoon of one eye peeking gnomes
I’m thinking about making stickers specifically for my style of organization.  I use a to-do list format in a grid-dot journal.  If something doesn’t get done, I move it to the next day.  The days of the week are written as Day of Mon, Day of Tues, or Day of Wednes, etc because it makes me giggle.  In the last journal, I started doing a little drawing for the beginning of the month.  I’m working on one for April.  There’s more learning and practice yet before I’m ready.

As a person born under the sun sign of Sagittarius, this bird is everything.  I introduce you to, the Sagittarius bird who lives in Africa.  Only a Sagittarius could be a member of the vulture family, looking this fabulous using their stylish sexy legs to kill their favorite meal, snakes. #justsaying
African Sagittarius bird walking over green grass Close up of African Sagittarius Bird's head







That’s about all I have to report from The Flatlands of NW Ohio. I hope your week forward goes smooth and clear as clarified butter.

Hogs & Fishes,

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