I’ve started a daily practice to help with the overwhelm of meh, mild depression, despair at the state of our country, the pandemic, and general anxiety.  That practice is to recognize at least three good things every day in my life.  That’s wide open for interpretation.  It can be anything from small moments, glimpses of things that make me smile, a shared moment, visuals, something delicious, etc.  You get the idea.

I wanted a place to record these so on those tough days I have easy access to immerse myself in a flood of good things and pictures.  In addition to the good things, you’ll find posts with gourd art, cartooning, and stories because those are all things that add life, beauty, and help keep me grounded.

I’ve also shared access to a collection of information and resources for the Black Lives Movement.  I’m educating myself on systemic racism, my part in it, and how to help dismantle it.  It’s a free resource for you to use if you wish.

It’s the small things moments in life that surprisingly add up to a big pile of good stuff.  If you’re having trouble finding the good things, I invite you to take a look at the good things I’ve found.  May it be a stepping stone for you to discover your own good things.  And, please, leave a comment on any of the posts with a share of the good things you’ve found.
Perhaps, one good thing at a time, we can make the world a wee bit brighter and lighter.

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2 Responses to Hello!

  1. debb brown says:

    looking for old friends . . . i think you’re one : )
    just need more cow bell

    • tracy says:

      LOLOLOL “just need more cowbell” Your name sounds familiar. Forgive me, but other than that my memory fails me. Where have we met?

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