Good Things for Wednesday 8.19.2020

Cool late summer mornings

Dandelion’s morning ritual

Daisy’s wiggle butt dance because she’s so happy to see me

Michelle Obama’s speech for the DNC

Skyping with my bro

Getting errands done with ease & minimum peopling

How cats can make cement look comfy. (pictured Cookie, King Tux, The Oomphie Cat, First of his Name)

Locusts singing the song of their people

Bunnola explaining that her Gourd Trouble wants big curly hot pink hair & laughing at my expression when she drops the news.

One white whisker on a black kitty. (pictured JimJim, The North American Wild Wubba Cat First of his Name)

Stalking The Daemoness around the yard.  She was annoyed.

Helping T & K make a budget spreadsheet

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