Good Things for Wednesday 12.9.2020

It’s a nine-day. The funny thing about the number nine, if I had to choose which I liked better 6 or 9, I like 6. I could wax on about why but do you really want to travel down that rabbit hole of a pondering within the gray matter stuffed into the bone bowl called my skull? Nope. We don’t.

I found these folks on Facebook a ways back.  Here’s a link to their page.  I love words & words we don’t use anymore.

Here’s another gem found on the Interwebs. This causes cooing & aaawing & mushiness galore when I see it. I don’t know who to attribute credit for this photo. If someone knows, please let me know.

Another one for the 2020 books!

The Bun is a math wiz, at least compared to moi & I couldn’t resist sharing it.  The eye roll was well worth it.

If you only knew how dark…

Last, but certainly not least, this cracked me up because long ago, my brother-in-law performed in a skit that required him to wear women’s underthings. His daughter’s face (she was somewhere between 2nd to 4th grade I think) when she saw her Dad on stage was priceless. I sent this to both of them this morning.  I will add that there is nothing wrong with finding your Uncle (or brother-in-law) wearing women’s underthings imho.  As long as permission was asked first if they are wearing YOUR underthings.

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