Good Things for Wednesday 12.2.2020

I’m bringing back my daily Good Things. Honestly, I’ve missed it & it helps keep me tethered.

First up, the date of 12.2.2020, it’s just so full of 2’s that it makes me giggle. Giggling is always a good thing. Well unless it’s at one of those totally inappropriate moments when you can’t help yourself & then it becomes worse because you’re trying to stop the giggling. Of course, I wouldn’t know a thing about that.

The view from The Lair. It snowed & I had a snow day yesterday. I love snow & I’m one of those wyrdos who love winter.

The full moon on a cold morning.

This is how the morning feels…

Chats with ancestors about dreams & ideas.

The morning quiet.

Making poseable flippers!

That’s all the Good Things to report from The Flatlands of NW Ohio today. I’d love to hear some of your good things so please leave a comment.

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