Good Things for Wednesday 12.16.20

Tuning & tapping back in

Walking in the falling snow while chatting with the land & whispering sweetness to the sleeping things.

Daisy Dog following me around, watchful, patient, loving

And here’s something that brings me great pleasure.  Okay, it brings me a lot of pleasure because it’s hooeyish & something I hadn’t done in a few years.  The day after my birthday it’s exactly 12 days to Christmas.  Therefore, I came up with The Twelve Days of Swartzmas.  The kids hated it.  I’d wake them up for school by singing that day’s verse to them.  The Son’s girlfriend hasn’t been introduced to this Christmas delight so now I’m texting the 2020 version to her, The Son & The Bun.  She loves it.  The jury is still out with my two spawns. I’ll include the day’s verse in with my good things.  Here’s today’s:

On the third day of Swartzmas, my true love gave to me:

Three rolls of TP
Two barking dogs
a Mickey snoozin’ in the cat tree

More snow is on the way… only about an inch so we’ll see if there’s school tomorrow.

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