Good Things for Tuesday 8.18.2020

Hullo, mes petits pois doux!  How are you today?  It was another good things filled day.  I’m super tired from lack of snoozes the night before plus today was a Land O’ Lunch day that all means, no pictures.  Without further ado, here are today’s Good Things:

Video of little girl being totally adorable on FB
You can watch it here

Sharing laughs with The Hubs on our morning phone call

Penny Dawg snuffles & soft ears

Dandelion’s rabbit like fuzz

Laura Z’s Witchual Workouts
You can join in here

Playing with the Sisters of Lunch

Chats with Katie in the kitchen

Bunnola hugs

JimJim laying in front of the laptop insisting on adoration & fuzz worship

A long chat with a friend I’ve known since high school

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