Good Things for Tuesday 12.15.20

Sitting on the couch with a doggo on one side & a cuppa in hand while basking in the soft glow of Christmas lights.

Dancing around even when the Hell Hound gives you side-eye about it

Singing to said side-eyeing Hell Hound

Unauthorized petting & snuggles issued upon The Daemoness

JimJim’s meow & purr speak when he’s excited about getting treats

Daisy Dog being a goof

The Le Strega playlist I made on Spotify.  It invigorates my magical mood.

Replying to The Hub’s texts with Gifs

Dr. Who scarf & Wonder Woman cup (awesome & perfect birthday presents!)

This reaction on FB after posting a WIP picture of The Bun’s doll: “Not to be rude Tracy but, what in the name of God IS that bizarre looking thing??? Lock the doors and windows! Keep it away!!” This CRACKED me up! Best reaction yet to something I’ve made.  It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder & The Bun quite likes it.  Truly, I don’t have any hard feelings about the reaction.  I nor my art are supposed to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Chucking wood into the basement

Three more days until it’s winter break from The Land of Lunch

Receiving a roll of toilet paper from one of the Ladies of Lunch for our gift exchange.  Too funny!!

Orange chicken with veg & rice for sups.  Nom. Nom. Nom.

Finding out that I have successfully infiltrated a Lady of Lunch’s brain to the point they were making up silly songs over the weekend. It’s not something they usually do, they admittedly can’t sing & their husband was like, what’s up with you?  Heh. Heh. Heh. Just another free service I offer, Tracy earworms.

Sharing The Twelve Days of Swartzmas with a new victim (The Son’s girlfriend).

Sending The Bun alternate choices to the Elf on a Shelf such as a Cow on a Plow or Goose on a Moose.  I received a facepalm emoji for my effort.

How wearing the Doctor Who scarf with an extra-long black coat makes me feel badass in my nerdery.

Yup.  Today was chuck-a-buck full of good stuff.


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