Good Things for Thursday 9.24.2020

Seeing the bigger picture of a decision & being even more grateful it was made

Greetings from Mickey Cat who told me of last night’s adventures with the Murder Crickets

Owl pictures inspiring faces for gourd dolls

It’s really Friday in my world because I don’t have to go to The Land of Lunch tomorrow.

When The Son Unit makes you laugh even though you don’t approve of what he just brought home (a corner street sign that was lying on the ground).  And the ridiculous conversation that follows & when you call for back-up from The Hubs (father of said Son Unit) who is no help at all because he had done some similar shenanigans (only worse) when he was a young lad… And that young lad figured his Dad (and his Uncle) had done this before which made him chuckle at his Mom (me) calling for parental back-up.  Mom won & the sign was returned, the county won’t have to pay to make a new one & no one will be accused of stealing street signs.  No, I couldn’t find toads or bugs or other such things in my son’s pockets when he was young.  Nope.  He had to wait until he was 21 & bring home a corner street sign that he found on the side of the road.  I believe there is something in the male Swartz’s gene pool that has a thing for street signs.  Don’t ask.  I’ve divulged much too much already.

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