Good Things for Thursday 9.10.2020

Fog that adds an air of mystery & bewitchment to the morning

Grizzly Meadows’ Witches Brew Smudge spray

Getting back to nourishing practices

Answers to questions

Winks from beyond that remind me someone/something is listening & on it.

Seemingly inconsequential coincidences

The squirrels playing tag across the yard

Instantpot Crack Chicken with Shells & a side of garlic green beans

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2 Responses to Good Things for Thursday 9.10.2020

  1. Renee says:

    Googling that smudge spray and squirrels are my fave!

    • tracy says:

      Hey you! Thanks for popping over! A friend of mine sent it to me as a gift one year. There are usually three to four squirrels hanging around. I know they have wee ones but what happens to them, no clue because it always stays at four. They get cranky at the cats when they get too close. I miss seeing chipmunks. They’re scarce around my neck o’ the farm field.

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