Good Things for Thursday 8.20.2020

I woke up feeling slightly on the meh side.  I was dreaming of Donald Trump, Kelly Anne Conway & I’m not sure who else on the Republican side of the spectrum was in the dream.  If you didn’t know already, I’m not a fan of Trump so this wasn’t an enjoyable dream.  Plus, I was thinking of my new routine to get the things done & wasn’t feeling it.  My routine is one of the Good Things that helps me to stay on an even keel.

This was in the mailbox yesterday. I literally laughed outloud. Mixed messaging anyone? Voting by mail is fraught with fraud you say so don’t vote by mail but we want you to vote by mail? This made the list because it gave me a good laugh

Sitting in the dark early morn, sipping coffee & giving Cookie cat scritches & lovins while watching the lights of the semi-trucks mozey down the pike. A nice reminder that whiffs of bliss arrive in the small still moments like this one.

The Eaude Du Country Air is strong this morning!1Country air = the smell of cow poo from the bovine farm a few miles away

Having energy after working at the Land of Lunch

Getting all the things done

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