Good Things for Thursday 12.3.2020

I decided I’ll post the previous day’s good things the next day. Why? In the case of last night, there were some good things that happened later on in the evening & I want to capture as many good things as I can.

To start, here are yesterday’s good things:

It’s a three day! I’ll share too much information again… I have a favorite number, a second favorite number & a favorite letter. This started somewhere in childhood. My favorite number is 3. My favorite letter is B. When you think about it, the letter B (in its capitalized form) is really just a 3 with an extra line.

Opening the living room curtains to the sun rising & staining the clouds a pinkish/orange.

Waking up feeling well-rested

Long goodbye smooch with The Hubs (hubba hubba)

Making progress on The Bun’s Gourd Trouble Doll. The flippers were so much easier to attach than the legs. I even had time to start on the button covers before leaving for The Land of Lunch.

I love having Claude in the livingroom. That face, the toe, the scroll… Gah, I really love this Daemon Gourd doll.

And this is what was going on last night that brought lots of laughs & warm fuzzies:

That Penny Dreadful’s face is just too much cuteness!

Daisy & her expressive eyes… She was happy for a hot minute because she didn’t have to share the love seat with anyone but The Bun

That didn’t last long as Cookie Cat joined in the “How many can that love seat really seat” game.

Thursday was a good day indeed!

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