Good Things for Thursday 12.17.20

I discovered Dr. Bertice Berry through Facebook. Every morning she posts a short video that starts with, “Let me tell you a story.”  This woman is warm, loving & that infectious laugh!


Dr. Heather Cox Richardson is another person doing good things in the world.  She’s a historian & puts things in context from that view. She’s been a guiding light through this tumultuous election year.


The short animated film “Canvas” on Netflix.  It made me cry.

The view from The Lair

Looking forward to two weeks off from The Land of Lunch & The Hubs gets those same two weeks off too!

Keeping The Hubs on his toes when he thinks he’s got my “has to plan everything out” pegged.  This one had not had everything planned out.  I didn’t fess up that I was going to discuss planning this weekend though!

Alaskan Airlines.  This video my Mom sent is too funny!

The evolution of something new…

One of the gifts we received from the Ladies of Lunch was a roll of toilet paper. This inspired me to create little doodads for their gifts from… a roll of toilet paper. It’s subtle so I don’t know if anyone will figure out what it’s made from. Hee hee hee. These came out so cute!

The tinkling sound that hot coals make

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