Good Things for Thursday 12.10.2020

Woohoo!  There’s no going into The Land of Lunch today!

I love freezing fog because of how it transforms everything around you into this mysterious magical space.  I was on an errand run so I couldn’t take pictures until I returned.  Within an hour, the sun had warmed up the air enough that the fog was lifting from the ground in wisps.  The delicate frozen fuzz on everything was quickly melting away.  This is what I captured:

The Pin Oaks (or as I fondly call them, the Pinoak boys) were the last two trees that had frozen fuzz remaining.

The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry’s flowers have a beautiful delicate scent that wafts through the air in the spring. Isn’t the patterns & constructions of frozen fog amazing? I think Jack Frost is behind this art.

Even the fence was covered in it. Alas, it was melting by the time I was able to take a picture.

Season 13 RuPaul Drag Race Queens!! Love, love, love RuPaul’s Drag Race!

That’s all to report from the Flatlands of NW Ohio!

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