Good Things for Sunday 12.6.2020

It’s a 6 day! I like the shape of the number 6, plus is 3 doubled so there is that. I know. Wyrd.

I’m on the verge of solving the mysterious leaver of poop presents. I believe it’s JimJim. One of the times I was up during the night, he visited me in the bathroom & started to scoot across the rug. You know how they do. After I got him to stop that, he felt compelled to visit that area a couple of times. My working theory is that sometimes the scoot feels so good, he pops out a poo. I’ll keep you posted. It’s a weirdly good thing because I’m a. tired of finding said poos, and b. tired of chasing & yelling after a dog to drop said poo.

A homemade plump pumpkin cookie with coffee.

Wood heat to warm the house

The way inspiration hits when you look at cheesecloth. Yup. It was cheesecloth this time. I’m going to use fabric sculpt the wings for The Bun’s doll.

That’s all the good things to report from The Flatlands of NW Ohio!

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