Good Things for Saturday 12.5.2020

A warm cozy bed in a cold room

Purring Dandelions

Remembering to be grateful for all that’s gone right during 2020

A blazing heater in The Lair

Thinking The Lair needs a spruce up. *makes a note to self to ask the Fae if I can borrow some lights*

George the big cute hairy spider that sits on top of my lamp.

Warm cupppa coffee (it makes my world go around)

Writing out these good things because I did not wake up on the good side of the bed this morning. It was on the rough sandpaper side. (a.k.a. Just call me slightly crunchy pants this morning)

Falling down a YouTube video rabbit hole watching stuff that made me laugh.

Homemade pumpkin cookies

Homemade pizza made in our early Christmas present to one another (The Hubs & I), the electric convection oven that does everything but cut julienne fries or washes dishes.

Unfortunately, we have to go into the bad news department if we’re keeping it real. My son & his girlfriend had to get a Covid-19 test in the early evening. He lost his sense of smell. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers. I’d appreciate it!

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