Good Things for Friday 12.11.20

The Hubs took the day off today. I set the alarm for our normal waking time anyway & boy am I glad I did that! I had a good hour and half of quiet morning time to myself. Aaaaaah…

Refusing to look at my emails or watch the news until I had other things done first. This immensely helped (as I knew it would) the start of my day. I was able to start my morning without angst & worry right off the bat. Things got done & when those were done, I grabbed a cuppa, turned on the news & was better able to handle the shenanigans of 2020.

The Supreme Court came through!

Lots of laughs with The Ladies of Lunch including these by yours truly:

“Great. I drooled so much looking at that Mac ‘n Cheese, now the inside of my mask is wet.”

“I wish I could train my eyes not to crinkle when I smile. I could stay out of trouble for smile/laughing when I shouldn’t”

The decorations & Happy Birthday wishes in the snack room & the birthday cake found in the snack room fridge!

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