Don’t Be The Flamethrower, Be The Flame

Hello, 2020!

Part of my mission for this year and beyond is to be softer and kinder.  Kindness seems to be a radical movement these days.  It’s so easy to become enflamed and lash out with all that’s going on. Kindness, mindful kindness asks us to step back, assess and reach out instead of lashing out.  In other words, be the flame that warms and melts vs. the flame that ignites and burns bridges.  Sure, there are times when you must burn things down to start anew. I wasn’t coming from that place.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is this:  when feeling disconnected, step outside.  Breathe in nature.  Listen to the trees, the birds, the stones, and Mama Earth.  They speak volumes on endurance, slowing down, and taking the long view.  Crows especially remind me that magic is always a-foot and working.  They also remind me to be playful and mischevious.

In the dark of this morning, I took a walk around the yard and a moment to breathe in the stillness.  I had a chat.  I shed a few tears while gazing at the wonder of Madame Moon shining brightly through a veil of clouds.

It’s good to be reminded of the things that endure.  It helps to remember the wonders that exist.  Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a stroll around your own backyard.

*The title of this post was some sage advice given to me by one of my Sisters-in-Lunch after she read the Burn It All Down post.

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  1. Donna Burkart says:

    I have to say this is the most beautiful picture of Lady Moon I’ve ever seen….

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