Day 5 of AEDM

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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Nothing that a little playtime in The Lair wouldn’t make right.

I haven’t been clear on the projects I’m working on.   There are three.  Two are dolls called Gourd Troubles.  The one I’ve been talking about the most is for my college-age kid who I call Bun.  The other one is for me & I’ll share that one as we go along.  I love creating anthropomorphic type dolls with poseable appendages.  The head & body always start with gourds.

For reference on the style of the doll, here’s a picture of Prot (short for prototype) & Claude (who is wingless in this picture). These are Daemon Gourd dolls I made earlier this year.  I used eggshells to cover their bodies for a scaly feel ’cause you know, Daemons.  I love combining the softness of fabrics & textiles with the hardness of gourds.

Below is the Gourd Trouble doll I’m making for Bun.  When I’m done, it will look owl-ish but it is certainly not an owl.  This morning I added Snow-Tex to the face.  I’m going to let that dry before adding more to the rest of the body.  The eyes were made by painting paper & attaching it to the back of a clear glass cabochon with Diamond Glaze.  I am in love with this face!!

The other project I’m working on is a Queen of the Cafeteria Ladies crown for a co-worker.  This is something she can actually wear.  Will she?  That remains to be seen.  Hee hee hee.  How that got started can be found HERE.

So, the vision is three fly swatters poking out from mashed potatoes covered with gravy, corn, & flies.  This isn’t the greatest picture because I’m using my crappy camera phone, but I am pleased that the mashed potatoes portion is looking much better!

That’s all I have for Day 5 of AEDM. I hope your day is filled with good stuffs!

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4 Responses to Day 5 of AEDM

  1. I was really impressed with the bodies of the Daemon Gourd Dolls. Using egg shells for texture was brilliant. I would never have guessed, because they looked so incredibly realistic.

    Yep, the potatoes are looking more like potatoes. I know you have been talking about your Trouble Dolls, but I have never heard of them until this week when I found your blog. You have a couple of great projects going.

  2. Ohhhh yes! These turned out soooo AWESOME!!!! I love them. Great job. The last pieces I did were for my dentist. I will have to send you photos of them. Enjoy your day gourd sister. LOL

  3. Erika N says:

    Those dolls are really interesting.I have never seen gourd dolls before and they are a cool idea!

  4. that was some dark dolls 🙂
    The one in the fiddle looks like an owl to me 🙂

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